Higuain Deal Agreed?- Late Move for Carroll- Sagna Talks Sense

Arsenal may be close to signing their first big signing of the Summer through Gonzalo Higuain, who will be become the club’s record signing and get a salary of £135k a week. Or, they could be close to signing nobody. Which one do you think sounds more likely?

Anyways, if you have been to almost every single football news website, there will be a report on there suggesting that Higuain may have agreed terms with Arsenal, and he could be close to joining. It is the headline on the Daily Mail right now, on the Times, and is sort-of on BBC. Take what you want to believe from these websites, but most of them are reporting that the club has made a £22m bid, and are offering Higuain £135-150k a week. The £22m seems a little low, as I remember reading a couple of weeks ago that Real weren’t going to accept anything under £30m, but it is still possible that Arsenal had some good negotiations with Real.

Higuain will be a good signing if he does join us. We have desperately lacked a finisher in the final third since Van Persie left, and that is exactly what Higuain is, a finisher. Some people may question his ability outside the box, but there is no questioning what he can do when he has an eye on the net. Here’s a video showing his attacking prowess.

In other news, Andy Carroll completed his record signing to West Ham yesterday. Some reporters who are desperate for a story claimed that Arsenal actually made a bid for him in the end that just fell short. The story is shown that it is written even more by a crackhead as it says that we were going to pay £60m for him. Considering Wenger won’t spend £2m on a player, it would come as a shock the he would spend so much money for a player who is notoriously overrated.

Finally, Sagna has come out of shadows to talk about his future.

“I truly believe we can be successful. I truly believe we can be champions or else I wouldn’t be playing football. I would have gone already. I truly believe we can succeed with the team we have.

“I strongly believe we have the quality to be the best in the Premiership. If not, look at the second half of last season, where we got 26 points from a possible 30. Not a lot of teams can do this and this is what makes me believe we can beat anyone.

“However, on some days we can switch off and lose to anyone. And to avoid this, we need to take things game by game and stay focused from the beginning to the end.

“There are no major things that we ought to do to continue succeeding. I think we just have to stick around as a team, where each one helps out on the pitch, and stay consistent like we did in the second half of the season.”

Sagna also went on to say that he never said that he wanted to leave and it was only the English reporters who were linking him with a move back to France. I like Sagna as a player. I believe that he has some good qualities and tries hard for the cannon on the shirt. If he does leave, however, we would have to spend some money on buying an experienced right back, as I think it is too soon for Jenkinson to be starting every game.

That’s all for today. Let’s hope Higuain is on a plane to London Colney right now.


4 thoughts on “Higuain Deal Agreed?- Late Move for Carroll- Sagna Talks Sense

  1. HAHAHAAHAH crackhead. You’re completely right though, either that or they have absolutely NO understanding about football players. Like we would offload one donkey (Bendtner) for another. Idiots.

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