Tony Adams Wants Attention- Higuain’s Agent Speaks- Monreal is Excited

Good afternoon everyone, hope you are enjoying all of these crazy rumours flying around. There are so many of these crazy stories flying around, it’s easy for people to get excited over something that is not going to happen. Anyways, more on that later.

We begin the news with Arsenal legend Tony Adams talking about the Arsenal chairman position:

Look, I would make the tea for Arsenal Football Club, but I thought I ticked all the right boxes for the board.

I don’t need the money, I would put the good of the club first in every case and I could mediate well within the club.

Chips is a great guy but not a very imaginative choice by the owner. And he is 73.

If they just wanted a figurehead, they should have gone for me. It would have been a better visionary decision than Chips.

They should be lining up the new manager. Chief executive Ivan Gazidis is in a tricky situation and could do with some help.

Tony Adams as chairman of Arsenal. Could you see it? I’m not too sure but he does make some valid points. Sir Chips is 73 years old, joined the club in 2005, and was chosen purely for his economic abilities. Adams, on the other hand, is 46 years old, loves the club, and would be willing to take the necessary actions when times demand it.

These comments prove that Tony Adams just wants to help more than anything. When he says he doesn’t need the money and would put the good of the club first, I trust him fully. He is an honest man who can definitely help in our times of need.

In transfer related news, Higuain’s father, Jorge, may have spoken these words:

“Nothing has yet been signed, but I can assure the negotiations between the clubs are at an advanced stage,” Jorge Higuain told La Repubblica.

“We will not agree any contract before the clubs reach a deal on the transfer. I am sure Arsenal made a big offer, as have Juventus.”

There are many rumours going on regarding the Higuain transfer. One rumour going on right now that I can pretty much assure you to be false is the one saying he is having a medical tomorrow. I don’t believe the transfer is that close to being finished, although I wish it was. We have agreed about 214 deals with Real Madrid in the past two weeks, I just want it to be over with. The quicker it is done the better also, as Juventus are sneaking around him.

Finally, Nacho Monreal has also spoken:

“I would love it. Higuain is a part of football, and I always loved how he played for Real Madrid. He is a scorer and would be a reinforcement that we could really use,” he continued.

“Arsenal are one of the biggest teams in England and this summer they are working towards good signings to break that [trophy-less] streak.”

The fact that people are even talking to Monreal about Higuain is a big positive. That means that it isn’t just paper talk and it is actually happening. Also, Monreal says that Arsenal are working towards making good signings this Summer; he has to have some information about what is going on in the behind the scenes part of Arsenal. Many players have been talking excitingly about how they believe they are going to be fighting for the league next season, so they have to have some positive information.

Let’s hope that Higuain is having a medical tomorrow, along with Rooney and Fellaini. Have a good rest of your day.


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