Arsenal Representatives in Spain- Djourou Could Leave

Good afternoon everyone, not much to report on today. The days have been becoming more and more tedious, with only the Confederations Cup to look forward to. Arsenal still do have two players in the Confederations Cup, although they are probably not going to be getting much more game time. The Spain midfield is really amazing. You have Fabregas, Iniesta, Xavi, and Sergio Busquets who all start, while on the bench you have Mata, David Silva, Cazorla, Javi Martinez, and Jesus Navas. Cazorla should be proud to have played 56 times so far for the national team since 2008. Anyways, this is the highest scoring Confederations Cup of all time, but now that Tahiti is out of the picture, I’m sure the goals will die down a little.

In transfer news, Sky Sports believes that Arsenal have sent representatives out to Spain to try and finalize a deal for Higuain. They say that terms have been agreed in principle with the player, and all that’s left is to discuss a fee with Real Madrid. Sky Sports have had a dodgy record regarding Arsenal transfer deals. Last Summer, they changed the story for Sahin coming  to Arsenal almost every single day. However, they have been good at reporting deals early, so I believe that we do have representatives in Spain right now negotiating a deal.

Arsenal aren’t the shrewdest workers in the transfer market, and they have little experience signing big players. I believe that we are going to try to lower the price of the transfer (which currently stands at £22m), however, we have to be cautious when working on this sort of deal. Juventus are still lurking around for him, and if Real don’t agree with Arsenal’s price, than I’m sure they are going to try and sell to Juventus quickly. Apparently, Juventus’s offer was going to be spread around and be paid in months rather than Arsenal’s is just going to be one payment. The primary goal should be to get this deal done as quickly as possible so we can move on to Fellaini.

Everybody’s favourite Swiss uni-browed defender could be set to leave the club. He spent last season on loan at Hannover, making 14 appearances. There is a pretty good chance that he will be going to Hamburg. Here is what Hamburg’s director of sport, Oliver Kreuzer, said:

“We would loan him, but we would also buy him, depending on what Arsenal prefer,” said Hamburg’s director of sport Oliver Kreuzer. 

Deadly Defensive Duo

“Hannover played well in Europe last season, but Hamburg is Hamburg,” he told the Bild newspaper.

“HSV is HSV, and we are just a better club.”

He seems pretty confident that Hamburg are a better club than Hannover, wouldn’t you say?

I always liked Djourou as a person. However, his defensive abilities have put under questioning and he isn’t going to be breaking into the starting eleven next season. It would be wrong to make him stay and just sit on the bench, although I would feel ten times better with him than with Squillaci. Good luck in the future Johan.

A deal for Higuain may be imminent, so let’s hope that the headlines tomorrow are something to get us excited!


3 thoughts on “Arsenal Representatives in Spain- Djourou Could Leave

  1. Why does everything have to be so looooooooooong and drawn out? It’s like a re-run of the Walcott January crisis all over again. Its a good job Chelsea aren’t in the picture – last time we were arguing over 50p for Mata, and they came and stole him from right under our noses. Imagine what the squad would be like with him in it!

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