Ancelotti to Real Confirmed- Park Chu-Young in Boot Camp

Good afternoon everyone,

Once again, there is little news to report of. The Higuain transfer scenario is hopefully coming to an end, as we approach day 47. Seriously, how many clubs take as long as we do to sign players? It’s really unbelievable. I have no problem with trying to get a good deal, I have a problem with other teams stealing players from us. One player who was close to joining before Chelsea gazumped him was Juan Mata. Look at how well he has done for Chelsea now. Imagine what our squad would be like if we had him.

Some good news over the proposed Higuain transfer is that Carlo Ancelotti has been confirmed as Real Madrid’s new boss. One of the biggest reasons why people were always saying that the Higuain transfer was stalling was because Real wanted to wait until they got a new manager. He hasn’t been officially unveiled yet (that happens tomorrow), so I wouldn’t expect the deal to be announced until the end of the week or early next week. Higuain did ask to leave Real Madrid, so a new manager isn’t going to change anything. It will just speed up any proposed deal.

Great Signing

One striker who didn’t work out, Ju-Young Park, is now in boot camp in South Korea. Why is he in boot camp in South Korea you ask? Since he participated with South Korea in the Olympics last year, and won a bronze medal, he  was able to dodge military service. Instead, he has to go to a South Korean boot camp for four weeks, and/or play football in South Korea for four months. The bigger question is what’s going to happen to him after his boot camp. Will he be coming back to Arsenal? Just about every person in the world will hope not. The man only scored four goals in twenty four appearances last season for Celta Vigo. He will just be taking up money on the payroll if he does stay. However, I’m sure some team like Fenerbache would be interested in signing him.

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6 thoughts on “Ancelotti to Real Confirmed- Park Chu-Young in Boot Camp

  1. Finally dey ave finally appointed a coach so i’m expecting higuain to cum latest 10 July. Come on Mr.Wenger we cant loose higuain 2 Juventus. We really need him.

  2. “We only sign top, top players.” I guess Wenger must’ve got the ‘Top players in the world’ list confused with the ‘Top contract leeches in the world’ list. The scientists found the Higgs Boson before we signed Higuain! Wrap it up bro.

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