Higuain Deal Edges Closer

Excited to be joining Arsenal

Good afternoon everybody,

Once again, we are in for another day where one man is again the center of attention. Of course that person is Gonzalo Higuain. There have been some very positive advancements which could lead to the deal happening sometime soon. If you don’t know what they are, I will be explaining them shortly.

The first thing is that Carlo Ancelotti has been officially unveiled as Real Madrid’s new head coach. While some people may not believe that is too significant, I believe that that is a very important step in getting closer to the deal. Many people, from sports writers to fans, said that Real Madrid were stalling because they didn’t have a manager. Ancelotti in charge means that he can ratify the transfer and it will all be sealed and signed.

Secondly, Carlos Tevez is on the verge of joining Juventus. He has just flown into Turin for a medical, actually. This is very positive news, as Juventus were the main team fighting Arsenal for the signature of Higauin. With Juventus out of the picture, Arsenal are (by the looks of it) the only team that is genuinely in for Higuain. This means that Real Madrid will have to sell to Arsenal, or else Higuain is just going to be sitting on the bench next season. However, we all know that Arsenal are notorious for failing in transfers, and City could lurk up behind us and snatch him. We have got to be swift and slick when it comes to this one.

Finally, Higuain’s brother and agent, Nicolas Higuain, said this:

“I think that Higuain is now closer to Arsenal,” he told TMW.

“Juventus are a great club, but Gonzalo is too expensive for them. Napoli are a strong side and that place represents a lot for Argentines.

“Saying that, I can’t deny that Gonzalo is now close to Arsenal.” 

That is some very encouraging words, however, Napoli may also be coming into the equation. I hope that Arsenal are able to finalize this deal and move on to signing more players, like a Fellaini, maybe. One of the reasons why Higuain is leaving Real Madrid is because of not starting every match, due to the in form Karim Benzema. Obviously if he comes to Arsenal, he will start almost every single game. That’s something that I believe Napoli and Juventus wouldn’t be able to offer him, as they now have Cavani and Tevez.

A deal could be soon. I would say that it can be officially announced sometime this week. Let’s hope that Arsenal are delighted to announce that Gonzalo Higuain has agreed to join Arsenal tomorrow!


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