All Has Gone Quiet- Arshavin to Zenit

Good afternoon everybody,

Every time their seems to be some progress in this Higuain deal, some new information comes in the next day and the transfer moves an inch closer. Yesterday, many websites reported that he was/is very close to signing for Arsenal. Does that mean that we were going to sign him today? Of course not! That’s something only real clubs know how to do.

As you already know, Tevez went officially signed for Juventus yesterday. He will also be wearing the num. 10 shirt. The funny thing about that transfer was this: Tevez was linked with them Tuesday afternoon, a bid was put in and accepted later that evening, he flew in for a medical, he signed a deal with Juventus the next day. In total, that transfer probable took around 12 hours to fully complete. Arsenal, on the other hand, have been in talks for Higuain for the past month. Are we any closer to signing him? I sure do hope so. It would be disastrous if we fail to sign him now.

Due to the fact that there are no Higuain stories today, I would say that that could be a good thing. Every time there is a report saying a move is imminent, nothing happens. Maybe he will sign because tomorrow because everything is quiet.

In other news, Andrey Arshavin is returning to Zenit. It was announced earlier this month that his contract would not be renewed, so it comes to no surprise that he has chosen his hometown club to finish his career with. I believe that Arshavin got a bit too much stick at his time at Arsenal. Some people say that he was a flop, and to a certain extent, he was. But he did have some very memorable moments and showed glimpses of true quality. Who can forget his goal against Barcelona or his four at Liverpool? All the best at Zenit.

Well, that’s just about all that’s going down today.  Hopefully there will be some good news tomorrow. Till then.


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