Mannone Set for Move- Arshavin Almost Suffered Depression- Higuain Riding to Emirates

Good afternoon,

Unfortunately, there is not much news to report of today. Many people were hoping that there would be some new story in this Higuain transfer saga, but there is none to report of as of right now. It looks very likely that if Higuain is going to sign, it will not be any time soon.

In transfer news, third choice goalkeeper Vito Mannone is on the verge of joining Sunderland, and will meet up with his new teammates next week. Vito has been at the club for a few years now, and has never been given too many games at a time, mainly because whenever he starts to play well, he screws up. This season, he gained many plaudits at the beginning when Szczesny was suffering from injury (or mental instability). Still, Mannone has been decent when he has played and seemed like a nice person. All the best of luck at Sunderland.

One player who has left the club, Andrey Arshavin, has talked about the end of his time at the Emirates:

“The fact is I didn’t want to stay in England, this was clear since January.”

“I don’t regret anything, but I had to leave.

“It was a punishment sat on the bench. To train even though you know you won’t play – it is psychologically difficult.

“I nearly suffered depression, but I didn’t because I’m mentally strong. The monotony of life there was crushing me.”

I do sort of feel sorry for Arshavin. He hasn’t been too good for the past couple of seasons, and many fans turned their backs on him. Still, he did have some memorable moments that will live long in the hearts of many Arsenal fans.

Finally, this is why Arsenal takes so long to sign players. That’s all for today. Have a great day.


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