Sunday Roundup + Higuain Top 20 Goals

Good Afternoon,

Not much going on today, thanks to the Confederations Cup final being later tonight. There is a minuscule chance that either Cazorla or Monreal are going to play so if you were going to watch to see some Arsenal players then you are most likely going to be disappointed. It’s unfortunate for Cazorla though because he still hasn’t had a break since the season ended. Plus, he was the only Arsenal player to play every single game last season, so he will be very tired. Chances of him being 100% to play on the first day of the season are pretty slim.

In transfer news today, Torres is being linked with Arsenal. Mourinho says that only five players in the squad are starters and I would be very surprised if Fernando Torres was one of those five. He has been in pretty much dreadful form since joining Chelsea, although he did do well in Europe last season for the Blues. Still, if he came anywhere near to Arsenal I would be upset. Considering the fact that Giroud scored more league goals then Torres last season, I would be very surprised if Wenger was actually in for him. Plus, Chelsea would want to sell him with an overpriced transfer fee, considering they paid £50m for a Spanish flop.

Since there hasn’t been any news about Higuain lately, I leave you today with a video featuring his top 20 goals in his career. Do you think he looks like a player that could help us succeed?


4 thoughts on “Sunday Roundup + Higuain Top 20 Goals

  1. Watching higuain highlights is like a marching parade. Left-foot, right-foot, left-foot, right-foot…and on. two-footed monster!! please let this one happen!
    class act

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