Wilshere Talks Up Rooney and Higuain- Djourou Leaves- Cesar Wouldn’t Be Half Bad

Good Afternoon everybody,

So the transfer windows is officially open now. Let the new signings role on in. Except it’s Arsenal you’re dealing with. We like to do business when we’ve just been pounded 8-2. There were reports yesterday that Yaya Sanogo was set to be announced today, however, no deal was announced. If people are wondering why we haven’t signed Higuain yet, you would just have to look at the situation regarding Sanogo. He has been set to sign for 2 months now, yet nothing has been finished. Wenger needs to make some signings soon if they are going to be with the team on the preseason tour.

One player who looks to be excited for the future is Jack Wilshere. He recently sat down with an interviewer and answered some questions.

“If it happens, it would be amazing. (Regarding Rooney coming to Arsenal).

“He (Rooney) is the type of player who can win you trophies – and just to see his name on the team sheet brings fear to the opposition. We could do with a little more of that.”

“You look at the type of players like Higuain we are trying to bring in and you have got to be encouraged.”

“I think we need a few more, not to step right into the team, but to add to the squad.

“We need our squad to be as deep as United’s and (Manchester) City’s. They can change their back four completely and still win. There is no way United would have won the Premier League trophy with 18 players.”

There is a belief in the squad that you haven’t seen in a while and that can make a huge difference come the start of the season. Usually, we end up strong and play well, being able to beat anybody. If the team enters the Premier League next season with the belief that they can beat any team and actually win the Premier League, then we could actually do it. A good start could be vital next season.  Wilshere also went on to say that he will be 100% fit for preseason and the tour of Asia, and is excited to finally be able to participate in preseason preparations again. You can read the full Q&A with Wilshere here.

In transfer news today, one of the longest serving players at the club, Johan Djourou, has officially joined Hamburg SV. It is believed that the deal is a one year loan with an option to buy. If he plays like he did when he was at Arsenal, there wouldn’t be any need for the latter part of the deal. Still, I believe the Djourou is a good person and a sometimes good defender. In the 10-11 season, he played pretty well towards the end, and even showed signs that he can be a starter at the club. Unfortunately, his form declined and we bought Mertesacker. All the best in the future.

Finally, last night was the Confederations Cup final, with Brazil beating Spain 3-0. No Arsenal players played in the match, but one player who is linked with the club actually had a decent game. Julio Cesar, the 33 year old goalkeeper that plays for QPR. He made several smart saves and looked solid throughout the entirety of the match. If we could get him for £2m, then that would be a fantastic deal, as he can provide Szczesny with knowledge and competition.

On a side note, Rooney is having talks with Moyes this week to decide his future. If he does leave, would you want him to come to Arsenal. Leave a comment below.


14 thoughts on “Wilshere Talks Up Rooney and Higuain- Djourou Leaves- Cesar Wouldn’t Be Half Bad

  1. Wayne rooney would a great signing for and will creat a heart beat to our E.P.L rivals. And we the fans will be very happy to see him in our squard. I welcome him

  2. Asking fans to comment. Are u the one to sign rooney or wenger and his board, going about pricing talented players all around without penning deal for any. You fans better join hand and advise wenger.

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