New Squad Numbers- Loans For Coquelin and Djourou

Good afternoon,

Not a lot of talk going on today in the transfer window. The Mail report that Arsenal are facing a battle to get Higuain as Real Madrid are holding out for a bigger offer but I don’t believe it. You can’t go from on the verge of signing to no contact at all in a matter of a day. The Marca are who reported if first but I am reluctant to trust them. Still, it would be a big disappointment if he doesn’t sign.

There’s not much news today, however, there are some new squad numbers to report of. First off, new striker Yaya Sanogo has been handed the number 22 shirt, while French midfielder Abou Diaby has changed to number 24. I really don’t understand or put too much attention on squad numbers. Ever since Gallas was given num. 10, the whole world of squad numbers has flipped over. It was a surprise to see Diaby switch numbers as he has been number 2 since he first joined the club back in 2006. If I’m not mistaken, I think he is the only current player at the club who has played at Highbury. That says something over how much the squad has changed over the past seven years. With Diaby switching numbers, could it mean that Jenkinson takes number 2 while we save 25 for Fellaini? That would be great if it happens.

The official transfer news of the day involves two second string players who have gone on loan. The first one is Johan Djourou. This comes as no surprise since Hamburg posted pics on Twitter showing him signing the contract. is really that late in reporting news. Djourou won’t be missed as we have a strong centre back pairing with Mertesacker and Koscielny, plus there are talks that a new one may come in. Hamburg supposedly have an option to sign the player after the season but I see no reason why they would want to do that. The other player who has just left on loan is young defensive midfielder Francis Coquelin. Coquelin was a player that was there, did his job, and not much else. He has been complaining quite a bit recently about not getting enough game time so I’m sure he would be happy to get a season at Freiburg. Depending on what type of season he has depends upon whether he has a future at Arsenal next season. Best of luck to both of them.

Finally, I would like to put out a couple of things. Park has been absent in training which has led many people to believe that his contract may have been terminated. If that is true, it would mean good news as we need to clear the deadwood out as quickly as possible. Next up should be Chamakh. Also, West Brom have signed Nicolas Anelka to become the sixth club he has played for in England. Would he even have a career if Wenger didn’t sign him? He is another one who owes Wenger quite a bit. Plus, it was a masterful transfer profit by Arsene as we signed him for £500,000 and sold him for £23m. That’s how you do business.

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6 thoughts on “New Squad Numbers- Loans For Coquelin and Djourou

  1. At Arsenal nxt season we wouldn’t like see cheapest players with low quality let management do as they able for Fellain and HIGUAIN although there’s 25% to get ROONEY.

    Gunnerz 4ever wish from Tanzania

  2. Squad number is different from signing new established players, let wenger be reasonable for once in his life & do something that will please everybody not only him or the board alone.

  3. I absolutly don’t understand,I just left with no alternative.people are gossiping that gonzalo huguin deal were rejected according spanish post but some have already dispelled the false statement.So I need a positive respond.Thank you for your ussual coopration

  4. All rumours must stop now for AW to start business.i thnk T.Rosisky also playd in highbury. I wll to Ramsey plus cash news happenin as we get Fellani. What is happening to Julio Ceasar’s transfer

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