Sanogo Saturday

Good afternoon,

It’s a slow day in terms of news so there isn’t anything to report on. We don’t usually get anything during the weekend so any advancements over the Higuain transfer will be posted next week. It’s not surprising that it is taking so long for us to make any advancements over any player, as we have seen it so many times in the past.

I’m using this post today to show a video of what skills and qualities Sanogo has and what he can offer to the team. He has been given a first team squad number, so Wenger does have plans for him to play in the League next season. It will be interesting to see how well he will do.

Do you think Sanogo will be a good signing. Leave a comment below.


11 thoughts on “Sanogo Saturday

  1. Lets hope he does well, with the fact he’s coming from the second tier of french football, i think he will be mostly used in the capital one cup and fa cup.

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