Let’s All Laugh at Spurs

Those are a couple of hideous looking kits. I’ve never seen people trying harder to hold in their laughter in my life. FOYS


9 thoughts on “Let’s All Laugh at Spurs

  1. Why we should lough at spurs kit? Im an arsenal fan and i love arsenal more than my life but spurs are better than us i will tell u why
    They signed a player
    They will sign more playrs than us
    They kept the most valued player in europ without CL spot
    They are ambitions not arsen wenger traying to signe a player for two month
    Mate thats why i should not lough at spurs

    • haha fcking spuds in disguise. no way in hell spuds are better than us and look at your reasons. they signed a player, well so will we. the transfer window just started. they will sign more players than us, well that means they don’t good enough squad now thats why the need replacement. they kept the MVP, well that needs to be seen. right now i am not laughing at the spuds but laughing at you

  2. You are no Arsenal fan…. I will tell you why:
    “Spurs are better than us”?!?!?…finishing in our shadow for 18 years

    They qualified for Champ.league only once in 20 years even with their “most valued player”………

    “Spurs are better than us” because they recruited 1 player…..after 9 days of Market transfer?!?!?!?

    “They will sign more player than us”, the idea is to have quality players, not pletora of dead wood wage collectors

    “There is no ambition” while we moved to a 60.000 seat stadium, while Spurs is dreaming of having this (and even the sale of their “MVP” would not cover the cost)…..

    I do believe that we need to recruit, however no need to panic yet…and certainly no need for erratic comments….

    “Spurs are better than us”…This is laughable; and if you were an Arsenal fan you would know that we will jump on any occasion to laugh at them

    • It’s ok to laugh at them. Don’t feel bad when Chelsea and Man U fans make fun of us for not having won a trophy in 9 years.

  3. Thats right dum on he didnt understand what i was saying ok im not true fan if i wasnt i wouldnt be upset at all
    Why do we have to take do long so so long to sign a player and been above spurs diesnt make our cabnet full of trophies mate. I dont like spurs and i dont like anything with spurs in it mate but all wat im saying we need to act fast we need to get on winning things mate bring the old lions on the peach its all gone with th wind
    We should be very buzy by now we know wat we need and know who we dont need dont give me that above spurs nonscense , i dont believe we gonna sign gonzalo cos madrid is mucking wenger badley just wait and see mate

  4. Hahahaha! Not laughing at spurs but ur comments, wht ever d case may be I think mr wenger realy realy need to get busy now!

  5. I don’t know why you ‘arsenal’ fans are so particular about ‘spuds’. It is undisputed that arsenal is far more better than spurs, they are not our stepping stone. Why would you laugh at them, for crying loud? Have we arsenal, the ambition, zeal to clamour for glory? Wake up and smell the Coffee lads. The ‘Slim’ fact that you always manage to win the fourth place trophy and qualify for ucl play-offs is not enough for you to laugh at Spurs. ‘Spuds’ as you claim, are more ambitious than we arsenal. Hate it or Love it

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