Suarez Bid Rejected- Higuain Deal Stalls

Good afternoon,

The transfer window has taken a couple of twists and turns over the past day. It really proves just how crazy this transfer window can be at times, and also how confusing it can be. It seems like every club has the ability to sign players except for Arsenal. I can picture Wenger saying it now,”We made some good offers, but nobody accepted our bids. We have a young squad that can compete for the title.”

First up in transfer news deals with a shock bid for a frightening player, Luis Suarez. BBC reports that Liverpool have turned down a £30m bid for Luis Suarez from Arsenal, and the bid was immediately rejected. Suarez has been asking for a move this Summer, but it comes as a big surprise that Arsenal were the first team to a make a move for him. Real Madrid were and still are the club that seems the most likely destination for Suarez, however, I can see him moving to join the rest of the scumbags at Chelsea. I don’t know how well Ivanovic will feel if Suarez joins Chelsea.


Suarez is a player that many fans have different opinions of. The majority of fans in the Premier League will agree that he is a diving, cannibalistic cheat, but he still does have quality in terms of his skills. There are not many players in the league that have the vision that Suarez has, plus his ball control is phenomenal at times. However, his other side almost completely destroys his reputation as a quality footballer. He has been at the center of controversy too many times. Any time you try to bite someone’s ear off, you have to admit that the man have problems. He has attempted to do that twice. So I don’t think I would want Suarez at Arsenal. He would sort of be effecting the club in the same way that a billionaire owner will effect a club. What I mean by that is this; we have spent the last eight years doing the right thing by paying off debt and being conservative in the transfer market. Our activity in the community has been second to none, as no other club in the league is as active as us when it comes to charity. My dream and the goal for the club is for us to win the Premier League the right way. Not by getting some billionaire owner to sign all the best players, but by using money that we have earned to sign some good players and letting young players mature into world class players. Signing Suarez could change the way others look at our club and cause way too much controversy for us to be winning the right way.

In other news, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez may have said this:

“We don’t want him to go,” he said. “Furthermore, nobody from Arsenal has come here, or made an offer, not €27m, nothing. There is no offer.”

This comes as a big shock if it is true. Higuain stated at the end of the season that he wanted to go and had told Real Madrid officials. So for Real Madrid to come out now and say they don’t want him to go comes as a surprise. However, the quote may be false, as many top reporters and websites said that Arsenal were very close to signing him. Still, its depressing to read these words.

If this is true, then it can mean a couple of different things. For one, it can mean that Real just want more money from Arsenal and there already is a bid in place. Also, it may mean that Arsenal haven’t bid for Higuain. Why Arsenal may not have bid for Higuain could be because they are looking to sign Rooney or Suarez instead, as they both have Premier League experience and could help us win the title. Wenger doesn’t like to sign too many players in one position and it seems like he would like to make sure that we can’t get Rooney or Suarez before signing Higuain. That makes sense, right? Also, Arsenal may have bid for Suarez just to push Real Madrid’s buttons and to make them accept a bid from us. I hope that’s the case. Anyways, there’s a couple of things that are certain, Arsenal have signed an injury prone Ligue 2 striker that is 20 years old, and I need a hug.

Have a good rest of your day.


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