We Have Not Been Audacious Enough- Suarez a Real Possibility- New Away Kit

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Arsenal have apparently been planning an audacious stunt to perform today while revealing the new away kit. It was said to be months in the making. This “audacious stunt” was a giantmural of the British core at Arsenal modeling the new away kit on Emirates Stadium covering up the legends. Not exactly what the words audacious and stunt actually mean.

Anyways, getting to the more serious news, Luis Suarez (the least serious person in football) has been talking about a move away from Liverpool.

‘Is good to know that I am still valued by teams like Arsenal. Friends call me up to ask if I am moving to Chelsea, to which I laugh,’ Suarez told Speaking to Uruguayan radio station Sport 809.

‘There have been no offers yet, but Liverpool know exactly what is going on and what I want.

‘My agent is in charge, he knows what I want, I am resting and relaxed. I am due back in about ten days, on the 21st of July (for the friendly with Melbourne Victory)… a phone call could change everything.’

I would like to know why Suarez is laughing at moving to Chelsea. Is it because he tried to bite Ivanovic’s ear off? They would probably have to put one of those things that they put on dogs when they are biting too much on Suarez’s face.

Suarez is a player that you either don’t want at all or you do want, badly. The thing about him is that you have no freaking idea what he is going to do. If he does come to Arsenal, the only way I would be okay is if he spends a month in a mental hospital and get’s a special certificate saying that he has made it a month without biting anybody.

If you watched any Liverpool games last season, or if you watch YouTube a lot, you will know that Suarez has tremendous skill. His stats from last season were very impressive, as he scored 30 goals in 44 appearances and made 11 assists.  That’s better than Rooney’s and Higuain’s record from last season. He can score goals and has Premier League experience, which checks all the marks that we are looking for. Still, the fact that he is a racist, cannibalistic, cheat may play a big part in whether or not people want him.

The fact that Arsenal have made a firm offer to Liverpool (which the BBC has restated, twice) leads me to believe that we have money to spend and we are trying to sign some top quality players. However, there are a few questions that need to be answered. First off, it’s not like we sold anybody recently which gives us more money to spend right now than at the beginning of the Summer. So why didn’t we make offers for quality players who were 100% on the way out: Cavani, Falcao, and Neymar are a few to name. Seriously, if we can bid £30m+ for Suarez, why didn’t we bid for the players listed before? Granted Cavani is still available (although a move to PSG looks closer than ever), these players all left for prices around the £40m mark. Can you imagine if we signed Neymar? Everybody would be talking about how we are going to be title challengers. Instead, we don’t know if we are even going to sign anybody thanks to not being able to negotiate. If Wenger is serious about signing Suarez, he should have been more serious about signing somebody that actually was listed on the market as available to leave.

Finally, Arsenal have released their new away kit. It looks very similar to the one used in the invincible’s season, so let’s hope it gives us the same results. My opinion over the kit is that it is very Arsenal, as it uses the famous yellow and blue that we wore to win so many trophies. I think that it looks good, I don’t love it, but it is a good away kit. The socks are a bit funky, but overall it’s a job well done by Nike.


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