Arsenal Make Improved Offer For Suarez?- Gervinho to Roma- Bedntner to Frankfurt

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Not much news to report of today (a trend that doesn’t seem like changing). There are a few stories here and there so let’s get down to it.

First off, a very unreliable source,, says that Arsenal are prepared to up their offer to £35m for Luis Suarez. This deal is making less and less sense by the minute. It says on that Arsenal have switched their attention over to Suarez after they have struggled to agree a few with Real Madrid over Gonzalo Higuain. Why would we make a bid for £35m if we won’t bid £26m for Higuain?  Even more so, why didn’t Arsenal try to sign one of the big name strikers that left at the beginning of the Summer? It just seems like moments like these show that Wenger has no clue what he’s doing.

If Suarez were to join, I think that most of the fans will be divided over what to think. Half of them would say that he is a cheat and half would say that he would turn us into title contenders. Their are still other strikers that Wenger can sign this Summer: Rooney, Lewandowksi, Higuain, and Benteke are all others that can join for around the same region as Suarez. Out of all those players listed, Rooney is the one that I think would be the safest signing. He has Premier League experience and won the Champions League with Utd in 2008. Lewandowski and Higuain are similar players, as they both have done well for their respected clubs and in the Champions League. I personally wouldn’t want to go for Benteke. He is a good player, but I feel like one good season shouldn’t determine whether or not he is a great player. If you remember the 07-08 season, Roque Santa Cruz was immense for Blackburn, scoring 19 goals in the league. Santa Cruz then went to City and was a flop by every definition of the word. Benteke had the same record as Santa Cruz last season, scoring 19 goals in the league, so you can’t be too sure whether or not he would be a good signing.

Out of all the current Arsenal players, there a couple that I think are better to have injured then to have on the field. One of those is Gervinho. He is the definition of inconsistency. Last season, he had a couple of good games at the beginning, did horribly in the middle, had a couple of good games in the end, and then finished the season poorly. When Gervinho is playing well, it is because his random moves and kicks are ending up in places where you wouldn’t expect them to. He isn’t clinical at all, as he misses so many one on one opportunities. He is a frustrating player, and he is one that I would be glad to sell. Apparently, Roma are in negotiations with Arsenal over a possible transfer for Gervinho. Both clubs are willing to complete a deal, but Arsenal are trying to get their money back, after signing him for £10m. Anything close to that would be good business by the club.

Finally, world class striker Nicklas Bendtner is finally set to leave the club.

“It’s up to us now. There are no problems with Arsenal, but we need to check whether it is financially feasible,” Eintracht’s director of sport Bruno Huebner told Frankfurt paper Neue Presse.

Bendtner has had a unfulfilled career at Arsenal. Some people believed that he was going to be a great striker, scoring 20 goals a season. Sadly, that hasn’t been the case and has an average of scoring 5.1 goals a season since 2005.

Arsenal will be heading on tour soon, and a deal for anybody seems highly unlikely. Let’s hope we can sign someone sometime soon.

Gareth Bale and his grandad

Gareth Bale and his grandad


4 thoughts on “Arsenal Make Improved Offer For Suarez?- Gervinho to Roma- Bedntner to Frankfurt

  1. These are sure frustrating times for Arsenal fans. Higuian to Arsenal has been On and Off for so long that Gooners were developing Very High BP just waiting to confirm the Argentines Arrival at the Emirates. And then came Da Bomb from Florentino Perz: “No Arsenal bid for Higuian”. Am sure the Arsenal faithfuls must have their jaws on the floor with that news. I for one will love to see Gonzalo in the White and Red of Arsenal because i know he will be prolific leading our attack come the new season. I cant wait to see the backs of Bentner and Gervinho using the Emirates doors (albeit finally). The former has the talents no doubts but he has been troubled by both on-field and off-field demons that he has not really settled at Arsenal. The latter is the most frustrating player to have don the Arsenal jersey. Most of the time he plays against his team..missing sitters and one – on – ones. I have given up hope of a Marquee Arsenal signing just to get my BP back to normal…

  2. It gettin to long now please wenger let us ear a good news we are al eager to ear the good news.Everyday we are checking maybe he done sign player both all is not good news.Pls wenger act fast

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