Wenger Coy on Suarez- Highlights of Last Season’s Tour

Arsenal have landed in Asia for their pre season tour. Hooray!

I listed the official 24 man squad for the tour yesterday, however, I only explained why Bendtner, Vermaelen, and Gervinho aren’t there. There are a few other players in which I didn’t list who didn’t make the cut. Some other players include Park, Chamakh, Cazorla, Monreal, Sanogo, and Santos. In order of the players listed, I’m going to try and guess why each player isn’t there.

Park has been one of Wenger’s worst signings ever. He is living proof that the Ligue 1 isn’t anywhere near the same quality as the Premier League. Last season, he was on loan to Celta Vigo, where he only managed to score 3 goals in 20 appearances. Since his loan ended, he hasn’t even been seen training with the first team. Where is Waldo? Nobody knows for sure, however, he is South Korean so he does have some dealing with the military that he may have to get taken care of. I’m pretty sure that he avoided his military service, but I can be wrong. Nobody would be complaining if he was never seen in an Arsenal shirt again.

Chamakh is much like Park, except he is a cross between Ronaldo and a horse. When he first signed, I was excited, you were excited, everybody was excited. He scored with his head with ease and was in the right place at the right time. After the first four months of his Arsenal career finished, he finished. There have been several pictures of him smoking bongs (something I don’t advise if you’re a professional footballer). Last season, he went on loan to West Ham United and scored as many goals as I have for Arsenal. Where is he right now? He has been training with the team but is not in the squad due to the fact that he is rubbish.

Cazorla and Monreal are two first team players who you would expect to be in the squad. If you follow football, you should know that Monreal and Cazorla were just playing in the Confederations Cup. Therefore they need a break. Also, Cazorla played every game last season, so he is going to need an extra long one if you ask me. Sanogo is also in a similar situation, as he is currently playing for the France u-12’s.

Last and maybe least is Andre Santos. Ever since he played like crap, fans have turned their backs on him. When he asked V.Persie for his shirt during half time, fans were infuriated with him and he became public enemy number 1. After that, Wenger player the Verminator at left back and sent Santos on loan to Gremio. Monreal was then brought in a week later. Santos has been linked with a move away, with several mediocre clubs looking for his services.

Wenger had a press conference and was asked about Suarez. Here are his words:

“Suarez? As you know the transfer period demands secrets and confidentiality, so I can’t answer the question.”

That means that Wenger is definitely looking to sign him, which means that we do have money in the bank! The only question is, will Wenger actually spend it? Suarez is a frightening player, using every meaning of the word frightening. He’s quick, hungry (literately), skilled, and racially ignorant. I’ve talked a lot about Suarez already, so you decide if you want him.

Finally, here’s a video of Arsenal v the Malaysia XI from last season. Arsenal play them Sunday in which you can watch on Arsenal Player, which is now free. It isn’t going to be live, so you have to go to Arsenal Player at 4:30 PM in order to watch the game without knowing the score.


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