Arsenal’s £40m Bid for Suarez Rejected

Liverpool have rejected Arsenal’s £40m bid for Luis Suarez, insisting that he is worth around the same amount PSG paid to get the services of Cavani, which is around £55m. The bid was an unusual £40,000,001, as it was made to try and activate the clause in Suarez’s contract which states that the club must consider the bid. Liverpoo have still rejected it, though. Arsenal are the only team that have made any official offer for Suarez so far, with the only other team that is interested in acquiring his services is Real Madrid. Real Madrid are believed to have made Gareth Bale their number one priority this Summer.

It is quite a shock to see Arsenal bidding so much for a player. Arsenal’s most expensive transfer was £15m, which is really quite incredible if you think about the talent that we have had and how much we had sold them for. Plus, we have finished above Chelsea, Liverpool, and Tottenham (all of which are clubs that spend lots of money) in the past few years. The fact that Arsenal have made such a big bid makes you wonder why we didn’t go for Cavani, Falcao, or Neymar. Neymar was sold to Barcelona for only £42m, so money wouldn’t have been an issue with signing him. Anyways, if Arsenal do fail to sign Suarez, he is probably our only transfer target so it will be another season of frustration for us Arsenal fans.


1 thought on “Arsenal’s £40m Bid for Suarez Rejected

  1. lets get suarez and bernard also fellaini and salvio if we dont succeed in getting fellaini then get mathias ginter ,for sure trophies will start trickling into our cabinet

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