False Rumours Among Us- Arsenal Win 3rd in a Row

Good afternoon,

If you look at all of the major team’s preseasons so far, Arsenal have been the only one to really show up to their games and win them comfortably. With scoring 17 goals in 3 games along with being top of the league, it is impossible for anybody to be complaining about us so far, right?

So Arsenal played Wenger’s former team Nagoya Grampus Eight yesterday. It was always going to be a bit of tougher task than the Indonesia XI or Vietnam, but it was still a game in which Arsenal was fully expected to come out on top. The game started well with Olivier Giroud scoring after three minutes with a fine header. Arsenal then had to wait until the 26th minute to score again with Ryo Miyaichi finishing with aplomb from the penalty spot. It was a nice gesture by Arteta to let Ryo take the penalty, as he was the crowd favourite of the game yesterday. Walcott had many chances to score yesterday but he didn’t take advantage of any until the 55th minute when Zelalem found him with a beautiful through ball. Once again, Zelalem was the talk of the show. Arsenal really then took their foot off the petal and Nagoya were able to score a consolation goal. Overall it was a good workout for the players as they get set to travel to face Urawa Red Diamonds on a game on Friday.

Arsenal’s transfer rumours have taken a snag ever since Arsenal left to go on tour. Their have been so many false rumours it is amazing to see how many people actually believe them. I’ve decided to go one on one with each player that Arsenal has been linked with and tell you what I think is the situation regarding the player.

Cesc Fabregas

Fabregas is wanted by Man Utd. Barcelona don’t want to sell him, however, if Fabregas does want to leave he will be allowed to leave. Arsenal are said to have first refusal on the deal, so any offer accepted by Utd would let Arsenal make an offer as well. Fabregas has always said that he owes Arsenal, so if it comes down to Arsenal and Man Utd, he will have to choose. Will he join another former Arsenal captain at Utd? If he does, it will make Wenger selling Fabregas to Barcelona the worst move of Wenger’s career. Fabregas was a fans favourite at Arsenal, he isn’t getting as much love at Barcelona, but if he joins Utd, people will hate him forever.

Gonzalo Higuain

Higuain is the perfect example of why you shouldn’t listen to the media. If you only listened to what the Mail had to say, you would think that Arsenal have Higuain, Suarez, and Rooney all playing for them right now. I believe that Wenger does want Higuain, Ancelotti wants to keep him, Higuain is torn, and Napoli are ready to pounce. However, I believe that Wenger would rather sign Suarez ahead of Higuain, that’s why he isn’t pushing for the deal to go through just yet.


This transfer rumour started when some Brazilian reporter said he was on his way to Arsenal. From there, people believed he was having a medical with the club and had already joined. This is not the case and you should not believe it. Wenger came out yesterday and said reports of Bernard were untrue, yet two hours later, he was due for a medical on Friday! I would definitely sign Bernard as all of the big clubs have small Brazilians, but it just isn’t likely that we have even made an offer for him yet. However, I can see that transfer happening if Wenger genuinely does want him.

That’s all for today, have a fantastic rest of your day.


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