Would You Want Suarez To Join Arsenal?


Luis Suarez was grabbing the headlines all of last season not only due to some amazing performances, but also due to the controversy that surrounds him. Arsenal have seen some things that they like in him and have reportedly made a new £42m bid for Uruguay’s record goal scorer. No one can deny his skill, but the extra baggage that he comes with may lead many to not want him to join the club. Since he is already going to miss the first six games of the season (plus any more suspensions he may receive during the year) he is only going to play a maximum of 32 games in the league next season. Many people will be divided over whether or not he should join, and it would be interesting to see the reactions of the fans. Vote and leave a comment below over your opinion of Luis Suarez.


20 thoughts on “Would You Want Suarez To Join Arsenal?

  1. He’s awesome. Amazing strength, stamina, ball control. To partner with giroud’s aerial capabilities nd fine passes. Awesome foward. Would u nt want an “ARROGANT” Ibrahimovic or stubborn m’villa in ur team?

  2. Suarez is the best purchase Arsenal will make this summer if the deal goes through. Considering his goal scoring ability alongside his skills on ball and the physics he has, Wenger should just sign him up. Importantly the interest he has shown in joining the emirates side makes him the best signing Arsenal will ever make.

  3. Higuain is a better player statistically. Suarez scores a lot but requires so many shots to do so. Higs is more clinical and as a ‘big man’ gives us variety allowing us to ‘invert’ the striker and kill teams with Theo’s speed or Poldi’s hammer.

  4. Let’s see what Arsenal are willing to do. Arsenal are key decider, let them decide. I, personally, like him and like to see him in a red and white shirt come next season.

  5. I think a lot of people are always being brain washed by the media all. D tym,everyboddy judges suarez attitude because of 2 incdents nd because of what d media has been saying but waat about d english players lke wyne rooney’s stamp on sagna shirt(torn) or. His elbow on a wigan player( I think mccarthy) o his reguar shout at refrees faces.wat about ohn tery’s racism on anton ferdinand,wat about aguero double footed stamp on (I think david luiz)which I tthik was not even punished.wat about d famous eric cantona??,am not trying 2 say that watt suarezz did was ryt bt dia re a lot of players wit a similar attitude ,bt a lot of people are just overexagirating d issue even saying dat he z going 2 drive our clubs name into shame??(wat about iverpool dat are struglig 2 keep him awy from us)did he put their club into shame?? No they will not have been tying to keep him,

  6. We need a quality signing! Suarez is just that. We need to get back in the race of signing the big names if our ambition is to win the champions league one day. Wenger just go ahead with this signing it will be great from two perspectives, not only the one I mentioned but also from the perspective that Suarez is a world class player that can make the difference!

  7. I will b the happiest man if the deal finally go through. He is just our potential Messi . Forget what the media label him, he is a pure world class player.

  8. suarez is all we want for our striking option, he has all the skills and qualities a good striker should have. Come on arsene bring in suarez it worth its price. Gunners 4 life.

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