Suarez Wants Arsenal Talks- John Henry Makes a Point

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It is quite a change to see Arsenal bid more than £15m for a player. It is even more strange to see Arsenal bid £40m for a player. It is even more strange to see Arsenal bid £40,000,001 for a player! These are changing times at Arsenal, and hopefully, these changes are going to lead us to future success.

So Arsenal did in fact make a £40m bid for Luis Suarez last night. Suarez is a player that will cause heated debates among the Arsenal fans as many fans don’t want that type of player at our club. However, we need some quality in the side and Suarez has that. Also, Wenger is probably not looking to sign anybody else right now, since many of the big named players have already joined other teams, leaving Suarez as his only option.

Long term target Gonzalo Higuain could be joining Napoli some time soon, as he was not named in Ancelotti’s team to face Lyon later today. The deal for Higuain with Napoli is said to be around £32m, which in my opinion is too much for the player. He is a great player and excellent finisher, but £32m for him is much too high. If the asking price was what drove Wenger away then I wouldn’t put too much blame on him. He would much rather sign Suarez for an extra ten million, as you know that he can do it in the Premier League.

So why does Wenger want to sign Suarez? First off, Suarez’s record at Ajax was impeccable with 111 goals in 159 appearances. In the 09-10 season, he scored 35 goals in 33 appearances. Since joining Liverpool in 2011, Suarez has went on to score 51 goals in 96 appearances, while making 24 assists along the way. His international record isn’t bad either. He has scored 35 goals in 69 appearances for Uruguay, making him the nations all time leading goal scorer.

The problem with Suarez isn’t his skills, it is the stuff that comes along with him. After his racial incident with Evra, the bite on Ivanovic, and the diving, many Arsenal fans believe that he would have a  negative impact at the club. Arsenal’s problem now is that we have to sign him or face not signing any top strikers this Summer (unless there is a dramatic u-turn on the Rooney situation). Arsenal were so close to signing Jovetic at the beginning of the Summer, and now he went to City for only £23m. Higuain is set to join Napoli, Soldado could be joining Tottenham, Negredo went to City, Villa went to Atletico, LLorente and Tevez went to Juventus, Cavani went to PSG, and Falcao went to Monaco. We could have any one of those players but for some reason, Wenger refused to go for them, leaving us with Suarez or nothing. Although, to be fair, Suarez might be the best footballer on that list.

Suarez wants talks with Arsenal according to the BBC. The reason Arsenal bid that extra pound was because Suarez has a clause in his contract which states that if any bid goes above £40m, Suarez has to be informed of it himself. Liverpool have probably informed Suarez of it and it seems like Suarez wants to talk to the club. Whether or not this is true or if the talks will lead to anything is a completely different question.

Liverpool owner John W. Henry wrote this on twitter:

What are they smoking at the Emirates? Well, Gazidis is working hard in Asia right now with the rest of the players, trying to be fit for the new season. Stan Kroenke is a mystery to many Arsenal fans, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he is a crackhead or if he is like some underground drug lord. More to the point, what professional would right that on Twitter? It would be a completely different scenario if somebody like Rio Ferdinand wrote that but it was the owner of one of the largest mediocre clubs in the world. Also, what does he mean by that tweet? Does it mean that the bid was too low? We may find out sooner than later.

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4 thoughts on “Suarez Wants Arsenal Talks- John Henry Makes a Point

  1. I tink Liverpool owner knws wat he is doing tryin to scare Arsenal away ….so wenger need nt to relent……pls pls pls wenger buy him

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