Higuain Gone- Suarez Allowed to Talk- Bernard Speaks

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A few weeks ago, it looked almost 100% certain that Arsenal would sign Gonzalo Higuain. He seemed like a very good fit for the club. He is 25 years old and has scored over 100 goals for Real Madrid, being a regular in their first team for the past 6 seasons. Every single major newspaper were fairly confident that Higuain had agreed to join Arsenal.

Not surprisingly, Arsenal have failed to get their man. It’s not the first time this has happened this Summer, as I genuinely believe that Wemger has seriously tried to sign some players. Grenier (who scored a wonder goal yesterday) said that a bid was rejected from Arsenal as he signed a new contract. There are many rumours that Arsenal also tried to sign Ashley Williams as well. It doesn’t seem like Arsenal have been able to make serious offers for players. Just ask Brendan Rodgers and John Henry. 

Higuain was a player that I would have loved to have joined. He was the right age, the right price, and had the skills needed to become a great player at the club. He was also a player that I have admired for a couple of years and always thought he would be a great signing for the club. There is speculation over how close Arsenal did come to signing him, but I don’t feel we were ever that close. There was so much rambling going on about him on twitter and the media that you never knew what was real and what was made up. Real Madrid president Florentino Perez did say that Arsenal haven’t made an offer for him, and at the time, that seemed like he was just pushing our buttons. Higuain is still likely to play at the Emirates, in the Emirates Cup against Arsenal. Wouldn’t that be hilarious if he scored? I’m sure that Wenger will get a warm reception, unless we sign someone before then.

Suarez is apparently angry at Liverpool for rejecting the bid from Arsenal. Brendan Rodgers seems like he is willing to sell him, but he wants to get his money’s worth off of him. It’s clear that Suarez wants to leave the club, and that is probably what is causing Liverpool to even consider selling him. It is a very similar situation to that of Van Persie last season, as both players were the club’s heroes and both want to leave. I think that £40,000,001 is a fair price for Suarez, considering his problems (in which there are quite a few). If he was a normal person, then he would probably be sold for somewhere around £60,000,000, which is what I think his value is quality wise. It will be interesting to see how much Arsenal are willing to pay for him, and considering all the players Wenger has missed out on this Summer, I predict the answer is a lot.

Arsenal target Bernard won the Copa Libertadores last night for Atletico Mineiro. This is what he said after the match:

“I’ll keep working until the board decides something about the transfer,” the youngster told Sportv. “There are offers from English football, Shakhtar and Porto.” 
He added: “I don’t have anything to say about the fans. If I could, I would stay here the rest of my life.
“I don’t know what can happen with me but, if I leave, I know I will have done my job.
“I have said a thousand times that I want to stay, but it doesn’t depend on me now.
“I made it clear that, if I stay or not, I wanted to leave here with an important title. It’s up to God to decide if I stay or not, up to God, [Atletico Mineiro’s] presidency and the board.
“I am very happy and I want to celebrate this title, which is one of the most important ones I will have in my life.”

I could be wrong, but usually when a player says that he will stay at the club for the rest of his career he isn’t going to be forced out the door, unless he is just saying that for talk. I think Bernard would be a good signing for the club to give us depth in the team. It’s funny how he says that he has done his job for the club even though he is only 20 years old. That tells you how much the Brazilian teams have to play for.

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