Wilshere Only 80% Fit- Hope for Bale to Stay

Good afternoon,

The day hasn’t started with a prolific amount of news for Arsenal as some may have predicted, so only a short post for today. First off, I would like to pay tribute to Christian Benitez, who tragically died at age 27. If you remember, he played for Birmingham a couple of seasons ago and he was one of Ecuador’s best players. For him to die just a week after making his £10m move to Qatar just makes the matter worse. It is sad hearing this type of news about a player that I remember, and I give my thoughts to his family.

In Arsenal news, Jack Wilshere was speaking about the Asia tour and how it let young players shine as he did a few years ago:

“I remember when I was their age,” he told Arsenal Player. “It’s good to come away and get used to being around the first team and learning from the manager, who is good at bringing young players in and breaking them in slowly.

“They’ve done well and hopefully they can get in the Emirates Cup squad and really show the home crowd what they can do.”

Wilshere also talked about future preseason preparations and how well he is doing at the moment:

“I felt better and better every game,” he added. “It’s difficult with the conditions. You struggle to catch your breath.

“The performances have got better every game and the opposition have got harder every game so it’s good preparation. We’ve got the Emirates Cup coming up now and then Man City [in Helsinki] and then the season starts so we’re going to be flying.

“I’m probably 80 per cent fit. We’ve got a couple more tests and then we’ll be ready.”

This preseason’s Jack Wilshere is Gedion Zelalem in my opinion. He has rose onto the stage and has shown people why he is compared to Cesc Fabregas so frequently. Perhaps this season is to early for Zelalem, but you can still expect him to make some first team appearances in the Capital One Cup and Meaningless games. Many people talk about how he is actually more advanced than Fabregas at his age and it is easy to see why. Some of the passes he made will make Fabregas proud today. His main problem is probably his weak stature, but that’s mainly because he is only 16 years old. Football isn’t all about your strength though, a fact that is supported by quite a few players: Messi, Cazorla, Xavi, Iniesta, Jesus Navas, Wilshere, and so on. Having said that, you need to be a bit stronger in order to succeed in the Premier League.

In transfer news today, Gareth Bale has said that he wants to talk to Real Madrid. The ringleader of Tottenham, Daniel Levy, is adamant that he won’t be sold to Real Madrid. As a Gooner and strong hater of the species known as “Bale”, I seriously hope that he doesn’t leave. Why? Solely due to the sum of money Real are prepared to spend. Reports are suggesting that the sum is close to £85m! How on Earth is Gareth Bale priced at £85m! He had half of a good season and then he suddenly becomes one of the best players in the world? You have to admit, he is a good player, but he isn’t that good. Ronaldo is a much better player than him, and yet Bale’s proposed transfer would break the world record transfer fee. While there will be many pros for him going to Real, there will also be some cons. First off, Tottenham will have £85m to spend in transfers. They would be able to get a plethora of good players. They would go from one injury away to being a bottom half club to having an abundance of players that can lead the club to a Champions League place. Having said that, if he does go to Real Madrid, then they will not go for Suarez, meaning that Arsenal are the front runners for the Uruguayan’s signature. Even if you are one of those people that don’t want Suarez to come, if we don’t sign him then it would be a disappointment in terms of our transfer activity this Summer. I feel like it would be a disappointment in it’s own right if we only sign one player, but we set out in the beginning of the transfer window to sign a world class goalscorer. Having lost Higuain, Suarez is now our only target. He seems to want to come, which is a plus in the transfer.

That’s all for today, have a good day.


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