Wenger Doesn’t Want to Spend?- Giroud Wanted- Defender Linked

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Arsenal and transfers has been the subject to a lot of discussion for such a long time now. Arsenal have always taken the conservative approach to transfers, having made a profit in transfer money almost every single season. Ivan Gazidis said at the beginning of the Summer that Arsenal had money to spend to compete. So why haven’t Arsenal signed somebody yet? Listen to the interview below featuring Amy Lawrence.

You have to have realistic expectations when entering the market and I believe that us Arsenal fans have had fairly realistic expectations considering what we have been told and what we have tried to do lately. Going for Higuain was not a dangerous move at all, and he was a very realistic signing who would have made a great addition to the squad. We didn’t get him because Napoli wanted him more. That was a big disappointment and now we are going for Suarez. What if we don’t get Suarez?

The board has been under pressure recently to spend, and I believe that they are willing to, however, they need to comply with Wenger over what they plan to do in the window. Having gone for Higuain and Suarez already, you can tell two things; the club has money to spend and we want a striker. Wenger doesn’t want to spend big though, so he isn’t going to try to break the bank like some other clubs will in order to sign a player. Gazidis on the other hand seems more than ready to splash the cash, having already made several comments about signing Rooney or other players that have wages of around £250,000.

If Arsenal fail to sign a big name in the transfer window this Summer, Wenger will feel the heat. If the club hadn’t come out and publicly stated their intentions to compete with the best in Europe’s market, then you could say,”Oh, it’s the same old Arsenal.” With all that’s been said now, it would be pathetic if Arsenal don’t sign a player that is world class. The fans will be very upset and their will be an uproar in the club.

In transfer news today, Valencia have reportedly made a bid for Giroud which we have rejected. I’m not sure I believe the story, but Valencia are in need of a new striker after Soldado’s imminent move to Spurs. Giroud is a player that I  don’t think is that good. Is he a player that I would want on my team? Probably not, however, he is important for his assets to the club. First off, I don’t believe that he is of the quality for a top 4 side (Adebayor, Defoe, Chamakh, Park, and Torres aren’t either). Secondly, although I don’t feel he is of the quality of a top striker, he is a big player that can win headers. Also, he is improving with his finishing, although he isn’t a player I would trust one-on-one in the Champions League Final with. He is also very good at making assists, making a couple of great one-two’s; Podolski v Montpellier at home and Gibbs v Swansea away come to mind. Finally, he is all that Arsenal has that I feel is an out and out centre forward. Walcott and Podolski both played their last season, but neither of them really excelled in that position.

Finally, Nicklas Bendtner is still in talks with joining someone, this time Malaga. Bendtner is all about the money, money, money. His move to Frankfurt fell through because of his ridiculous wage demands and the same thing may be happening to Malaga. Their are reports suggesting that we want their right back Jesus Gamez as a swap deal for Bendnter. I’m all for getting a new right back, as I feel that Jenkinson isn’t quite ready to be a first team player. However, I would feel a little disappointed to sign a player like that when we should be going for some top class players. Will Wenger capitulate to the fans or is this going to be another Jewish kid on Christmas Day transfer windo?


9 thoughts on “Wenger Doesn’t Want to Spend?- Giroud Wanted- Defender Linked

  1. Wenger doesn’t want to spend because he started to believe all the hype about him making players. Truth is we paid good market value at the time of purchase for our greats.
    Now his arrogance is costing the club.
    Anyone remember the incident when he sidelined Bould last season because he was getting too much attention and our defense went to hell?
    Newsflash Wenger it is about Arsenal not your ego…

  2. What else can one say? We all have to wait and see if anything good will come out with wenger and his money mongger board,good day my fellow gonners………..

  3. If wenger did not sign let him go or else this will be disgrace to arsenal team there are many players, arsenal need defender, defendself mildfielders and striker

  4. We admit Wenger did great things for Arsenal Team, but time has changed coach, look at other team such as Man City, Chelsea, Man utd even Tottenham have invested a lot on great players. I believe in our young players such Zelalem , chamberlain, aneke, etc but we really need great players and leaders also in the team . If we do have money why not to invest. Arsenal is becoming a business team, produces great players and sell them e.g fabregas, van persie, nasri and others.

  5. I dont know y they are calling AW “humble one” he is so adamant who dont take advice,i think best thing for d board now is to sack him if he fail to buy genuine players atleast 2.

  6. Just wasted my time in reading this shit,wenger don’t want to spend bt gazidis is willing..who gave you this info…u just gat to stay idle rather than writing craps

  7. It’s painful when u hear arsenal transfer again,bcos look at the players wenger approche,the higuan,jovetic,villa,etc.but now all of them are in different clubs,why?bcos wenger and the board dont want to spend not only wenger.

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