Potential For a Disappointment Rising- Eboue Still Loves Arsenal

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Arsenal have a long time record of signing and bringing up youth players into the first team squad. This has been the way to go in the past almost decade now due to the club trying to maintain the finances of building a stadium and staying in the top 4 places of the Premier League. Now that Arsenal does have money, I don’t even know if they know how to spend it.

Let’s back up to the year 2007. Arsenal finished 4th the year below and were overly reliant on one player, a certain mister Thierry Henry. Wenger let the Arsenal skipper leave as he wanted to win the Champions League and Henry felt he could not achieve that with the kids that were coming up at Arsenal. So Henry went to Barcelona for £20m. Little did Arsenal fans know that that would be the first of many top players to leave the club. So with every passing year since then, Wenger has invested into the French Second Division, developed some players into above average, and then achieved the exact same thing every season while making a profit.

This Summer, Arsenal have had money. It’s not an assumption made by the media or Arsenal fans. We actually have money. Gazidis was talking in the beginning of the Summer about how we were going to spend it and all the good stuff. So far, we have signed one player and he was a free agent. In fact, we’ve also only gone for 2 players so far, and one of them is set to make their debut against Arsenal this weekend in the Emirates Cup. If you don’t know who that is, it is Gonzalo Higuain. Imagine the stadium if he scored and we lost the game. The atmosphere of the fans would be either subdued or angry. The other player that Arsenal is after is already going to miss the first 6 games of the season due to his abnormal behavior in the Premier League.

I don’t know what Wenger and the board are doing, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Arsenal just made a £40,000,001 just to make the fans believe that we tried for a world class player. Did anyone actually believe that the bid would be accepted? I don’t think so, the bid was designed to talk to Suarez but nothing has been said since then, besides Brendan Rodgers claiming that Suarez “understands” Liverpool’s position. For me, it’s very simple. Suarez wants to leave the club, Arsenal are the only club that wants him, Arsenal needs to sing some good players, Liverpool don’t want a bad atmosphere in the team. Why can’t they just accept the bid and go bid £80m for Silvestre?

Anyways, if Wenger doesn’t spend this Summer, in my opinoin, it would be worse than selling another one of our star men. Why? Because you can say that we sold Van Persie because he said he didn’t want to play for the club and we were going to lose him for free. You can’t say,”Oh, we didn’t sign anyone because everybody was still playing for a team.” If Wenger doesn’t sign anyone, I believe it is his time to go. He has had a very secure job over the past few years because the club knew that he wasn’t going to spend any money. Now that the club has money, we are expected to make the push for the Title and with the current squad we have, that seems highly unlikely, although we did put on a good string of results at the end of the season.

In Emirates Cup news, Emmanuel Eboue has re-declared his love for Arsenal:

“I always want to hear news from the club because I am a big supporter of them. I’m a Galatasaray player now, but I am still in love with Arsenal and I always watch their games.

“The club only did good things for me, and I never had any trouble from anybody. My only bad day was that game against Wigan, but that was something you must be ready for as football player. I will never, ever forget Arsenal or its supporters and I cannot wait to see them again.

“I am so excited [about the Emirates Cup]! I was on holiday when I first found out – one of my friends called me and said: ‘Manu, you know you’re going to play in the Emirates Cup against Arsenal?’

“I couldn’t believe it. I can’t wait to see my old team-mates, the staff and of course the fans. They all did so many good things for me, and it’s going to be a brilliant experience.”

His quote about his only bad day being at Wigan makes a tear come to my cheek. We all love Eboue and he got some undeserved hate that day, with so called fans booing him off of the pitch. The fact that he was able to come back from that day as an even better footballer really shows his true character. I always liked Eboue because of his versatility on the field. One game he can be right back, the next right midfield, and then right winger. No matter where he played you can tell he played for the club and not for the money. He wasn’t the best footballer but his commitment was always superb.

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1 thought on “Potential For a Disappointment Rising- Eboue Still Loves Arsenal

  1. Wenger nd d board re insane, wenger was tellin us dat without signin dat he has a good team, imagin d stupid coach, was it not d same team dat lose out to division two side last season in both FA nd Carlin Cup? Wenger not a good coach, he is a manager. He is also scared of usin stars bcs he can never win any trophies with dem even Messi nd Ronaldo play for him, it is right time to sack d stupid nd shameless coach, after 8yrs trophiless.

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