Luis Suarez Considering Transfer Request

According to the BBC, “Luis Suarez will consider submitting a formal transfer request and the possibility of court action if his Liverpool dispute is not resolved, say sources close to the player.” Arsenal made a bid for him a couple of weeks ago worth £40,000,001, which was designed to activate a clause in his contract. Suarez is upset as he believes that the bid allows him to leave, which Liverpool are no so intent on doing. Earlier, Wenger spoke of the Suarez transfer saga saying that he does want to sign Suarez but only in a feasible and amicable way. It is the first time that Wenger has publicly admitted interest in the player, and not surprisingly he isn’t giving too much away on any potential deal.

The clause in Suarez’s contract is understood to say that if the club fails to reach the Champions League and an offer of £40m+ comes in for him, he will be allowed to leave. Liverpool have rejected this and say that it does not force them to sell. Reports are suggesting that Suarez may be taking his case to court over the clause in the contract, but nothing official has been confirmed. As always, anything new will be reported to you.


11 thoughts on “Luis Suarez Considering Transfer Request

  1. ??? Old news. He’s accepted there’s nothing he can do about his contract but there’s an apparent dispute over a verbal agreement they had saying they’d let him go if a champions league club come in for him.

  2. they should allowed suarez to join arsenal so that it can be one of champion league players so far liverpool canot reach top 4

  3. Bullocks! Am a Gooner & i would love 2C Suarez in d Red & White of Arsenal bcos i tink ( Correction, I Know) he wil only make us better & giv us a Real Chance of challengin 4 Trohies.. But am Sick & very Tired of all diz over sensationalization of Arsenal’s transfer activities… or d lack of it. And especially in respect to Suarez. Must we be fed with such Bullocks like “according to sources close 2d player” as d only basis 4 ur article? Lazy journalism.. Not until sometin concrete by way of official unveiling by Arsenal or Official Press conference or interviews from d Horses’ Mouths am not believin anytin.

  4. Since LFC can’t offer suarez a CL competion what are u still waiting for? Let him to AFC to play a good football and also to a UCL debut. gooners till mama call..

  5. When other clubs are signing quality players,ours is “according to source close to the player”after 8years we’ve still not learned our lessons..

  6. Lars Bender is on his way to Arsenal…… That earlier bid we made is being considered by Bayer Leverkuseun after the signed Emre Can (a DM) from Munich

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