Gervinho Leaves the Club- Time to Make Progress

If there were to be no signings this Summer, you can say that Wenger did half of what the fans wanted him to do, get rid of the deadwood.

Gervinho has finally completed his move to AS Roma today. It was pretty much done a week ago, but like everything related to Arsenal, the deal was slow to be announced. Gervinho has to be one of the biggest disappointments we’ve had transfer wise. When he first joined, myself and many gooners around the world were very pleased. He had scored many goals and made many assists at Lille, so you had the feeling that he would strive at Arsenal. His first game for the club was that preseason friendly against Cologne in which Arsenal ran out 2-1 winners. Gervinho grabbed a brace that day and Jenkinson scored a memorable goal of his own.

It’s not like Gervinho is that bad of a player, it’s just that he isn’t good enough for the Premier League and more specifically, a top four club. His red card against Newcastle foreshadowed the rest of his Arsenal career, as in the past season he had some pretty shocking games. He was chosen by Wenger quite a few times to lead the line last season and he did so well, once or twice. The problem with Gervinho was that he was too unpredictable and nonclinical in front of goal.  His unpredictably came in handy a few times, but he was too unpredictable for himself to really make a contribution.  He was never a mean player or an upset one so I have respect for him and wish him well at Roma. Roma don’t have a kit supplier this season so maybe the reason they signed him was too advertise on his forehead.

Arsenal haven’t signed anybody. Surprise! It’s not looking too rosy at the moment, with Liverpool playing games with Suarez who is playing games with Liverpool. We all know that the whole transfer situation is Wenger’s master plan to bring Suarez to the club and cause Liverpool to implode. You have too look at the facts in order to make an opinion over the situation. All that we know is that Suarez wants to leave Liverpool, Liverpool don’t want him to go, Brendan Rodgers is an idiot, John Henry likes money, and Wenger is watching the whole thing from a distance, ready to pounce.

The main reason that Arsenal sold Van Persie is because he publicly came out and said he wanted to leave. Arsenal respected his wishes and is now at Manchester United. Suarez comes out publicly and says he wants to leave and what happens? Rodgers says that he is a total disrespect to the club and makes him train alone. Liverpool don’t really want a player playing for them who has said such things about the club, would they? Liverpool has become one messed up club and their insecurity has been shown on the pitch for the past few years. Hopefully, something good will happen sometime soon.


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