Arsenal Get Fenerbahce in Champions League- John Henry Talks Suarez

Well, at least Arsenal are going to be in 2 games in the Champions League this season.

If there was any team that Arsenal fans from across the world hoped to avoid in the Champions League qualifier, it is Fenerbahce. Not only is Fenerbahce a good side, they also have the crazy fans on their side who are willing to go to the extremes in order to get their side to win games. To make matters worse, Arsenal have failed to strengthen their squad this Summer and will be put to the test in order to make the group stages.

One transfer that has been the centre of attention for quite some time now is that of Suarez. Suarez doesn’t want to stay at Liverpool, he has said so publicly and very resolutely. The situation is quite similar to that of Van Persie, except Suarez signed a new contract last season while Van Persie was only 12 months away from leaving on a free. Still, both players have said they want to leave the club and it is unhealthy to keep a player at a team if they don’t want to be there.

John W. Henry has been smoking something strong and recently said this:

We are not going to sell Luis. It’s a football reason. It’s not finances. At this point, so late in window, with everyone who’s already moved or isn’t moving, we do not have time to replace him,” Henry continued. “So for football reasons we can’t – and especially to Arsenal. We’ve made that clear. I have said to Ivan Gazidis [Arsenal Chief Executive] in a personal conversation that we will not sell to Arsenal.”

He seems to be quite adamant to not sell to Arsenal. Obviously, he thinks it will be better to have a player that wants to leave playing for you then getting a reasonable amount of money while you still can. One thing that I find quite astonishing is the fact that the only team that has been public over this deal has been Liverpool. Arsene has confirmed that we have made a bid for Suarez. That’s it! Liverpool have been going on about how Arsenal lack class and quite frankly, look at the club that is in debt and has been sinking for the past 20 years and see how much class they have.

Arsenal need to sign Suarez in my opinion. Whether or not you like him, we need something to the squad. There aren’t many better players out there and their are certainly no more players out there for sale of the same quality of Suarez. If you look at the squad, it is no secret that the club is falling behind in terms of quality and depth. Tottenham have bought quality in the transfer window with Paulinho, Soldado, and Capoue all joining.  It is very disappointing to see the club falling behind like this and if we don’t add a big name to the squad we will not finish in top four, let alone challenge for the title. Plus, Tottenham still have Bale while adding all of these new additions.

Arsenal play City tomorrow and I don’t expect there to be many cheers from the Arsenal fans tomorrow. Let’s sign some quality and do it quickly Arsene!


2 thoughts on “Arsenal Get Fenerbahce in Champions League- John Henry Talks Suarez

  1. up gunners accross the globe as we can se we are lacking of bringing quality players to the team an this can coause problem for upcomming league

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