Luiz Gustavo- Why We Need Him

With the Suarez transfer saga still going on, Arsenal have decided to look to strengthen another position, defensive midfield. The last good defensive midfielder we had was Gilberto Silva, who left the club five years ago. Last season, Arteta was the man playing that position, but who’s going to be playing it this season? Well, it could very well be Luiz Gustavo!

Luiz Gustavo is a Brazilian international that has played 100 times for Bayern in the past 3 seasons. That’s pretty good, considering the club made the Champions League Final twice in the past three years. Gustavo is a versatile player who is also quality on the ball. You can watch this video below to see some of his skills from last season.

Best of all, he’s only going to be around £14m, leaving us with quite a bit of money to spend on other transfers.


8 thoughts on “Luiz Gustavo- Why We Need Him

  1. I can only believe for the next campain,arsene wenger should add play like gustavo, felleni, barry, those players will bring perfect change to our defence line

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