Chamakh Leaves- Gustavo Would Like to Come

The Summer Arsenal cleanup continues.

Maroune Chamakh. When we first signed him, everybody had hopes. He was tall, just had a pretty good season with Bordeaux, and he was something that Arsenal had been missing for a while. His first few months turned out pretty good but what happened to him afterwards was quite pathetic. You can pretty much say that after Van Persie became fit in the 10-11 season, Chamakh started to play like a 75 year old man. He hardly played and when he did, there was nobody expecting him to score. Last season, he went on loan to West Ham to try and salvage something for his career. He had a poor time and it’s no surprise that he has officially joined Crystal Palace today. Many people said that it was only a loan but it is confirmed that he is 100% out of here. Can’t say I am really sorry to see him go, and actually, I am very happy to see him leave. It is fantastic to see Arsene getting rid of these crap players.

In transfer news today, Luiz Gustavo has spoke about his proposed possible move to Arsenal.

“I am in a very delicate situation at Bayern and this needs sorting out. I have personal and professional reasons to move.

“I have heard about the Arsenal interest. It’s a big club we’re talking about here so of course I’d like to play for them.

“Arsenal play a very attractive brand of football and are in the Champions League. They also have a very clever manager in Arsene Wenger.

“Even when Bayern beat them in the last Champions League [on aggregate] you could see they are not pushovers.”

He would be a fantastic signing, but I hope he wouldn’t be the only one if he does join. If him and Suarez join on transfer deadline day than it would give fans the hope that is needed in order to believe that we can win the Premier League. Without any signings, it will just be a subdued atmosphere at the stadium. Let’s hope some transfers get sorted out quickly!


3 thoughts on “Chamakh Leaves- Gustavo Would Like to Come

  1. Wenger is fearing pressure from his bosses that is why he only talks about many stars because he knows they might let him down,I personally would love to see the two Luis at arsenal as arsenal fan nomatter the amount they cost, arsenal badly needs them for successssssss

  2. Would the last player to.leave the emirates please switch off the lights?

    Heard that as well as chamakh, wellington and vickers are also set to confirm loan deals tomorrow bringing the toals to 23 departures and 7 loan deals with bendtner park galindo frimpong yennaris and afobe all rumoured to make moves out too. This has to have been the biggest ever clearout by a top team ever. A real sign that the in the past 8 years we have bought and developed some real dross. Especially when you consider 17 players left last summer aswell.

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