How Many Players Do We Need In Order To Compete?

With only a couple of weeks until the end of the transfer window, it’s about time for Wenger to make a poor offer for a Frenchman. Arsenal have made a £10m bid for Cabaye which of course was rejected. I don’t rate Cabaye too highly and I don’t see him as being a player that we need. We do need a defensive midfielder, but why Cabaye? Gustavo would have been a great choice.

Many fans want Wenger to sign players, but I would seriously rather wait and sign Suarez for £55m than sign Cabaye, Cesar, Williams, and Michu for that money. Why? Because non of these players will turn us into title contenders. Yes, we need a defensive midfielder badly, but we need to sign players that can win us the league. When City had so much money, they bought Yaya Toure from Barcelona, they didn’t look for a French injury prone player from Newcastle.

So the question is, “How many players do we need in order to compete for the title?” Also, which players would you sign? Vote and leave a comment below.


13 thoughts on “How Many Players Do We Need In Order To Compete?

  1. We need more than 5 players as we have let go 17 and they should be more than quality even great to win us any silverware.

  2. Ilove arsenal bt for players which we have it is very dificult to remain in top four even 2 win anythngs my advice wenger you have to look for other players we have problem in defnder,midlfder,stricker

  3. Were all fucked up three worldclass title contenders without injury and 8 average players for top four.the squad is damn thin

  4. Most especialy d like of RVP,O ROONEY,players who play like chelsea’s luiz which they wil form a strong defence also. N many others

  5. At least we need 4 players at the moment to turn our season positively, exprience keeper, i.e cesar 4rm qpr, cent.defender in williams sws, defensive midfieder Fellani, Barry, and top class striker in suarez, Rooney or altenavely michu.

  6. Talking about mind games Man City were playing with us in our friendly. Man City 4 Newcastle 0 we need six players to compete and win silverware.

  7. Up gurners wenger is the problem of arsenal to me we just need only three strong and exprience player 1 DM 2 CD 3 STRIKER FEILARNI WILLIANS MICHU WENGER should used the money with him to carry this player and used the remaine change to buy BEN ALFA of new castle to replace GERVINHO

  8. We have just 16 players in our 25 man squad if you don’t incle park and bendtner and you don’t include the players born 1992 or later. So there is room for 9 players. Sure 9 would mean us having to sign at least 4 homegrown players to fill the compliment so the first thing to do is build from the back. All great teams have a great keeper, we do not have great keepers so there is your first signing.
    1. GK
    To compete on all 4 fronts we need 2 players for each position throughout the team and all can be 1991 or earlier we currently only have 6 fitting that requirement, however due to our injuries I would say we could do with an extra defender so 3 sivnings here.
    2. RB
    3. CB (right sided)
    4. CB (left sided)
    Wenger plays with 2 holding midfielders in our 25 man squad we only have 2 players that really can play the role and are fit (ramsey and arteta (well almost) wilshire yennaris & frimpong are all classed as under 21s and diaby well is diaby, if he ever gets fit he should be used as an attacking midfielder anyway as he is just not up to the strain of playing in the engine room. So 2 more here
    5. DM
    6. CM
    In the 3 man midfield we probably need 6 players we currently have only 4 that fit the bill walcott rosicky cazorla podolski so 2 more her
    7. RW
    8. LW
    Finally we play with only 1 main striker and only have giroud, you don’t need to count on sanogo afobe or akpom for another 2 years so there is your final signing
    9. CF
    That may seem like a hell of a lot but that is the position the club has put themselves in after years of selling of our best players. Unless the board and manager change its mind set we are going to continue with the same strategy and relying on 16-20 yeqr olds to make up the numbers. At every other club the 21/22 year olds are going out on loan at arsenal you are pushed too early while your body is still developing and you end up injured or burned out see diaby when he first come also gibbs ramsey wilshire and now chamberlain. Give these kids time to develop if they are too good to be loaned out then let them have more cameos but don’t destroy their careers before they have started.
    The under 21 can then be used as an annual progression route to the first team. For example wilshire frimpong jenkinson martinez boateng and ryo all hit the homegrown/non-homegrown status next summer. Then is the time to decide whose place they will take in the 25 man squad but only if they are better than someone already there or someone is retiring moving on etc. Next summer there will be question marks over fabianski sagna vermaelen arteta diaby rosicky cazorla and podolski so there will plenty of opportunity to promote those 6 similarly the players born 1993 will be in the same position the following summer. That is how a top team should be working. Not hitting the panic button after the season has started.

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