What is Wrong With the Club?

Alan Pardew claims Arsenal’s £10m bid for Cabaye is disrespectful to Newcastle and the player, as Newcastle were thrashed 4-0 by a Man City squad playing fluid football thanks to some of their new arrivals. I find this Cabaye bid to be disrespectful to us Arsenal fans. We have been linked the whole Summer with signing Fellaini, Rooney, Fabregas, Suarez, Higuain, Gundogan, and Lars Bender. Instead, we make a bid for a French player on Newcastle!

What I find ridiculous is that Wenger assured us that he was up 24 hours a day looking for signings that are only of the “top” quality. Are you honestly expecting me to believe that Cabaye is better than the current rubbish that we have? If this isn’t a panic buy than I don’t know what is. Also, if this is a player that Wenger has been looking at, why is it we have waited until after our first game of the season to make a bid for him? Unless we sign some players that are actual quality, not Wenger quality, we are going to be fighting for fourth yet again which is so frustrating. Look at Tottenham, they have spent  £50+m on players without selling Gareth Bale. Do you honestly expect us to compete with them. The most frustrating thing about this shambolic Arsenal board is that we have the money to spend yet they are refusing to spend it! Fucking spend £60m on Suarez and £30m on Fellaini or Bender. These are players that will help us win the league.

One more thing to point out, Man City were said to have overspent on Fernandinho and Jesus Navas. If you watched City rip Newcastle apart earlier today, then you will see how much they overpaid for these players, who Wenger could have easily have signed. Chelsea were also very impressive yesterday in the first half. They spent the money last Summer and this Summer and they are favourites to win the league. Spend some fucking money or get out!


9 thoughts on “What is Wrong With the Club?

  1. What is wrong with him? He will be a good additition to the team and he is versatile! I dont like it when people judges someone with his nationality! He is better than most of the players that played in the same position in the epl and he knows the league well and wont need to adapt to the game! Off the record, tatanum is a small club and will remain the same for along time to come or till the end of the world weather they keep bale or not and all the players came into the club is in the intention of selling bale to madrid! But you are a stupid fan to believe what the board and ivan said!

    • What’s wrong with him is that he is simply not good enough, mid table player playing for a struggling team very far from the ‘top top’ player Wenger lies to the fans about..
      Did he say he believed Wenger and the board?

      Tottenham are a small club? They are a small club that will finish above us by virtue of a better manager and good transfers.

      Then again your command of English shows your level of intelligence:
      People are judged not ‘judges’
      People are judged because of their nationality not ‘with’ it.
      It is a long time not ‘along time’

  2. I think wenger should be shown the door way out. I can not accept his bid for Cabaye. After all this while, cabaye is the quality we will add to what we have, he should just forget about signing any player. It is high time the Arsenal Suporters Trust ask the fans to stop going to the stadium to watch wenger and his boys. And again, he should stop buying french players for us. We are tired of that policy of his, that is grooming players for france national team. They do not have respect for our club. Flash back the way flamini and Nasir left us it was so disgracing. In the past years, our club have shown no abition at all. Wenger and stan are becoming heartache to the fans of this great club. We no longer have stance and say again because of their greediness. They should go for felanin and not cabaye.

  3. People is des arsenal club for wenger or what?Des manager is really trash of late!!!Get Suarez @ £55,Micar Richards @ £12,Lars Bender @£20 and Fellani @£22 den wil b hme and dry…..

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