Arsenal on Verge of Signing Midfielder

Yep, Arsenal are signing someone.

After the impressive 3-0 victory against Fenerbahce yesterday, Wenger seems pretty adamant that Arsenal will strengthen in the next 12 days. Hours after, we have reports that the club are currently working on deals for Benzema and Di Maria, with the latter of the two being the more likely to join in my opinion.

Benzema is a player that I would want but he’s not the player I want. We need a top striker and Benzema just doesn’t cut it for me. If Wenger wasn’t so confused on the deals regarding Suarez and Higuain, we definitely would have signed one of the two. It does come as a surprise that we are willing to pay £40m for Benzema when Higuain would have only cost us around £30m or less. Also, Higuain has a better goal scoring record than his former team mate.

Di Maria is a player that I would be excited to join. He is probably not going to get much game time at Real due to Bale’s impending arrival, so a move would definitely be on the cards. One of his best attributes is his crossing ability and after watching Arsenal squander crosses for years it would be a welcome change to see Arsenal sign someone that is able to pick out a target in the box.

So Arsenal may well spend money this Summer, however I don’t feel like we are going to be signing the right players. If Wenger was smart, he would have bid for Cavani, Jovetic, or Falcao earlier this Summer. Now we are practically left with nobody. Will we strengthen the team so we are better than our rivals? I don’t think so. It’s going to take a lot more signings to turn this club around.

One player who is set to join is… Mathieu Flamini! Their are a few disappointments that I have with this signing, including the following.

  • A top defensive midfielder is now unlikely to join.
  • He is buying a player nobody wants.
  • He is 29 and was never that good.

Now that we have the negatives out of the way, let’s talk about his positives. We need a holding midfielder and one that’s versatile, which Flamini is very much. Also, he’s Flamini! I used to love him, sort of… not really. He is a player that I did like though and I would enjoy seeing him play. He may not be very good, but he will add depth which is currently the second most important thing. He may be joining tomorrow and I think that he will be registered in time for the lunch time kickoff against Fulham this Saturday.

If he does sign, please let him be the first of twelve to join.


25 thoughts on “Arsenal on Verge of Signing Midfielder

  1. only allahu can help arsenal dont hav any thing to say let him do what he think is the best for the club. up gunners

  2. How could you say flamini was never that good. Arsenal have been too soft ever since his departure and whilst we all wanted something more like Luiz Gustavo, Pogba, or Wanyama, flamini tackles harder than just about anyone in the game and I think a lot of the reason we have done so poorly is the fact that the arsenal plays without a true enforcer like Flamini who would set free the likes of wilshere and cazorla whilst sitting back giving Ramsey more freedom to play the box to box role.

    1. Then why the fuck sign a has been freebie. Y didn’t he go for felaini, wanyama, capoue. Y disappoint the fans and let your rivals sign the best then make excuses. Think back to the start of the window all he said was quality and top top players he wanted & now he backtracked and said he doesn’t need quality as he has enough of it already so needs quantity. Absolutely fukn deluded son of a bitch and I for one would knock this fucker out if I ever met him. He needs to fuk off & take his deluded & outdated thought process with him. Wenger is the only problem at AFC and no one else.

  3. arsene ll nt stop amusing me:in my opinion i tink he isnt gonner sign any1,all he is prayn nd hoping for is dat d guyz injured shuld cm back in time b4 d transfer window closes,he ll give us d same story of him nt able 2 find any quality player.all dis news of bids is just 2 deceive us dat he is makn effort 2 sign a player

  4. Arsene Wenger is a self centered bastard..He only cares about how much he make’s for the club and himself.. Not minding how the fans feel or the kind of trauma they go through..

  5. Cavani and Falcao would never have signed for Arsenal. Wenger would not have paid 50m and 8.5m per year after tax for Falcao, nor a very similar deal for Cavani.

  6. As a decent Arsenal fan i don’t i have any option than to accept flamini back to the club because wenger is not ready to sign any marqee player this summer.

  7. We need good signings. You said(wenger) you have the cash but why can’t you spend the cash and make good signings because we fans we need trophy.

  8. we should sent wenger out on loan n get transfers done n get him back da fool……..flamini flamini seriousely closing all windows for a quality beter player fuck wenger lost faith in the money maker

  9. we have sell out the dead logs…….its time to add more depth into the give us a solid defensive midfielder mr. wenger

  10. Wenger is a confused fool….he will b talkn abt flamini n anoda club wil sign him…go get cesar,lawandoski n odas dat r gud

  11. If arsenal will not buy perfect striker in this summer like Falcao,Balotelli etc exactly deleted champion league at next .Giroud is always at sleep. The squad of liverpool,chelsea.manchister city ,everton,tothenam etc are better than arsenal at the moment. I ‘m arsenal’s 10Q.

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