Wenger Has a Lot of Work to Do

Sanogo has played more Champions League football than Spurs will this season!

To be a good side and to be a great side are two different things. There are many things that contribute to becoming a great side, one of which is great players, but another is something that Arsenal lacks, great ambition. Sometimes, taking risks is less risky than taking none at all. The current Arsenal board lacks and imagination or desire to change the direction of the club, and they seem to be fine with that.

Say what you want about the current group of players, but they are not bad. They aren’t great but they are a side capable of competing for Champions League football. The Premier League is a bit of a stretch but Champions League football should be something that this team can compete for. We have gotten rid of a lot of week links in the side which is a big plus, but unfortunately, the squad hasn’t been strengthened at all. And to some extent, it has weakened.

At the start of the Summer, we were linked to a plethora of marquee signings, it was impossible to believe that we would be this close to deadline day with a £10m profit to our bank. Yet, the current dumbos in charge of the club see no need to spend big. There is absolutely no reason not to spend big though. We have the money, we have Champions League football, we just lack ambition.

I believe that Wenger does want to strengthen, but the club is so bad at negotiating, we haven’t been able to make any sufficient offers. That being said, I believe that Wenger has way too much faith in his current squad. Is it time for him to go? I think so. A top, young, hungry manager would want to spend big. AVB is the perfect example. Bale hasn’t even left the club and they are going well above the £100m mark. And they don’t even have Champions League football!

The time has come to sign some class. Not Flamini or Cabaye, but actual players. The only way this can happen is if the board comes to their senses, which will only happen through their wallets. If the club starts to make less and less money, then the board may just say that it is time to start spending. This could be a crazy theory considering the board seems to be completely messed up.

A director of football is needed, badly. We don’t need some Ivan Gazidis who wants to pocket money for himself, we need a David Dein and an Usmanov, people that actually want the club to do well for themselves. Seriously, if I was in charge of the club, I would guarantee that we would be title contenders. I would even work for free, something that none of the current board members would ever do.

So in a nutshell, Wenger needs to sign some players in the next few days. At least five. Chances are becoming slimmer that we are actually going to get a world class player, which is very disappointing in my opinion. It is perhaps to late for the club to change it’s ways this Summer, and I am afraid that we will be punished for it. Liverpool and Tottenham are now stronger in my opinion, and until we sign some marquee players, that will be the case for years to come.


5 thoughts on “Wenger Has a Lot of Work to Do

  1. Wenger is one of the worst and arrogant mangers which is being praised at Arsena even though he has failed to achieve or success in winning trophies for the club. Don’t really know what exactly the gunners fans want with this idiot? I stop watching games because Arsenal has become a talking club than achievers , players talk a lot about they are more hungry to , which is totally impossible and delusion with their stupid manger. No improvements, worst squad from last year, Gunners nice dreaming and good with your AW the son of bitch.

  2. wenger is on a personal vendetta mission against us. and he would allow Arsenal to burn to punish us, the fans! for having the audacity to question his lordship. so brace yourselves up guys we are true royalty f*@ked!

  3. Yes we should sign all the players because new signings make you win. I know I’m right because Sunderland,Southampton,Man City,have swept away all before them, There are plenty of idiots about and many more with little or no understanding of football.

  4. The writer is not far from the truth. Some of our fans claim to know too much about football that all they want to hear is Wenger is a God who knows it all. I wonder why it’s only Arsenal that would go to the market and never return back with any item or complain of nothing in the market to buy. The Wenger die hards shd ask themselves why players keep dumping arsenal for even smaller clubs. The answer is the lack of ambition of the club at the present. May be we shd continue to swell up the bank for the greedy board while we continued to be ridiculed and laughed at every season.

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