Midfielders Galore Linked

Spurs reached £110m today. Arsenal are still trying to pass the -£10m mark.

Wenger’s lack of transfer activity has come to as a surprise to many people, but one thing that surprises me most is what players we are being linked with.

What do you mean by that? We have just signed Flamini, wanted to sign Cabaye, and now are linked with Ozil, Draxler, and Kaka. Heck, we are linked with just about every player on the Real squad right now. Still, I believe Di Maria is the most likely to join, but only after Bale has left Tottenham.

If I was Wenger, I would do everything to bolster my strike force. With Podolski and Chamberlain facing long periods on the sidelines, our most dangerous attacking threat right now it probably Theo Walcott. That’s not saying anything good. Walcott has matured in the past couple of seasons but he is not a finished product, I hope. His finishing and decision making seem to be his two biggest problem areas, although he has improved in his finishing over the past year a bit.

Right now, our main striker role is occupied by Giroud and Sanogo. Giroud isn’t clinical enough nor good enough to be my first choice striker. Watching Sanogo play is a bit of a pain. He’s young, but not that young, and seems to have no clue what he is doing. He makes Bendtner look like Messi.

Out of the current striker options available, I would go for Cavani. Oh wait, he left at the beginning of the Summer. I guess we’ll just have to sign Falcao. Yep, that’s right, he left even earlier than Cavani. It’s a card game people, everyone is afraid to do any business early, just ask City, Chelsea, PSG, and Monaco.

Back onto the main subject, I don”t really think our midfield needs to be strengthened that much. It never hurts to have too many good players, but the fact that we are obviously lacking quality in other key areas means that we need to strengthen there first. Out of the midfield players linked, I would be happy for us to sign Draxler. He’s only 19, but without a doubt he will be the next Gotze. He already has experience in the Bundesliga making 78 appearances for Schalke, and winning six international caps for Germany. Sounds like a good Wenger signing to me.

Coming to Arsenal!

I would be happy to see Kaka join as well, but a player like him isn’t really what we need. We have Rosicky to be our old experienced player to come in and do a job, so a move for him is unlikely. Fellaini would have been my personal choice to sign at the beginning of the Summer, but dreams die when you are an Arsenal fan.

Tottenham’s new look squad means that Arsenal have to be careful this weekend. They have signed some good players that will make them become a title force, however, I do believe that this current Arsenal squad can put up a fight against them this Sunday. It will be tricky, but the Red side of London always prevails.


10 thoughts on “Midfielders Galore Linked

  1. But it’s now a matter of HOURS to go!! This is so SHAMBOLIC that I can’t get enthusiastic about any rumours at this stage. The only transfer that would turn this club around is a new MANAGER brought in!

    • Wonder why fans are looking for buys instead of football!! Real has to wait for Bale with a 82M offer. Agents are laughing all the way to the banks. The fans just shout buy,buy,buy! Who is the guy asking for double of bale price??

      • yes u will be shocked .it is not players that play football.you are part of those unambitious fans who supports wenger.i tell u if wenger dont buy with real money we will never win anything.

  2. At the beginning of the transfer window I said arsenal would sell players again and not spend to sign any quality, I was verbally attacked by many fans who said I was deluded. I only expressed my thoughts based on the manager and owner we have wenger & kroenke. It doesn’t take a genius to know 2+2 = 4. The board the owner & wenger are only about making money @ not spending. Dreaming of linked players all through the window is what us AFC fans gave been hypnotised in to doing every year because wenger the cheat has his back room media machine churning out links to the “IN THE KNOWS” who immediately twitter them out. It’s really hard for me to believe that after 8 years of being bent over by wenger the fans still fall for his absolute deluded statements, press conference and bull shit dribble and try and de code what he means when he says such and such. For Gods sake wake up from your slumber AFC fans and smell the deception and try and look through the web of lies.

    To all the AKB,s who attacked me when i gave my opinion of arsene lying through his teeth and I being certain no money will be spent you people verbally abused me but I was adamant I would come back near the close and ask you to back up your arsene knows best statements because you kept saying there’s 2 months to go for the window well now officially there’s less than 3 full days so come on all you AKB’s where are you guys. I for one am of the AKS (arsene knows shit) brigade and soon to be part of AFO (arsene fuk off) brigade.
    The deluded old C**T makes me puke every time he opens his mouth and spurts out all that crap from with in his screwed up mind lost somewhere in wenger world where he is AKB and that’s the fault of alike deluded sheeple. So congrats to all the AKB’s you have helped this old out of touch fool drag AFC to the gutter. Gone are the days when we used to whip Chelsea now we are just their whipping boys but now even the spuds will whip us and that’s even harder to take. And I suppose you agree when the Le Old Goat sits in a press conference complaining about the transfer activity at whitehart Lane and how their team will be de- stabilised by more than 3 signings LOL. Unbelievable arrogance or just an old out of touch fart who needs to retire. £7.5 mill a year he happily takes home but does he deserve is he quality ???? I for one can prove he is not. Maybe he should go help the banking system and stop the financial melt down bcuz all he seems to talk about is saving money.

    Well I got my rant off my chest for all the bull shit I took off the AKB trolls so come on let me see you defend him now!!!!

    All AFC fans boycott games return season tickets

    Wenger out
    Gazidis out
    Kroenke out

    Usmsnov in
    Dein in

  3. guys there is no way on earth our toking and arguing on blogsvand articles…its hard tym we took action…wether we win or loose against 5pud2 ivthink Wenger should b out. …this a request from I believe a frustrated gooner…who wants his fellow london goojer brothers to save our ARSENAL from falling apart…..

  4. Thing is we are still being linked to shed loads of players yet everyone heard wenger yesterday ” more than 3 signings de-stabilises a team” well seeing as he has already signed 2 new players that must mean the best we can hope for is 1 more.

    Wow I wonder which 1 player is going to turn us into a title winning side?

  5. Not only Arse Wenger is to be blamed but also fans. The fly out displayed at the Emirate Stadium taunting Buy! Buy!! Buy!! Can’t be enough to stop the mismanagement of our dear team. I believe if the ABLE FANS can boycott like 3 home matches, the profit seeking management will listen to the fans complain.

  6. J’ve never seen a stupid manager like wenger because of his policies of failing to sign big name players but he goes 4 those released on free & unwanted ones by their former clubs.

  7. I believe d only problem arsenal av is dat they are not trophy-oriented but a profit-oriented one. Wenger is not ready to buy n there is nothing anybody can do about that bcos he’s never ready to buy n all he’s bin doing around is nothing but proaganda… I guess the fans are nothing to d board cos their cries are not heard.

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