Özil Would Have Come for Free- Gervinho is Deluded

Another quiet day passes by in the worst weekend of football in the season…

It’s quite depressing not being able to watch any games during the weekend. Yes, there are the lower division games, but not watching the Premier League every weekend is like a little piece of me dying. The little boy inside of me wants to explode.

Speaking of the little boys inside of us, Özil has come out and said that he would have joined Arsenal for free:

“In some way, that conversation flicked a switch in me and made me realise what I had lost at Madrid – transparency, trust, respect,” Ozil told Die Welt.

“Arsene told me exactly how he saw me, how he wanted to use me, what he expected of me.

“I would have even joined Arsenal for free.”

You can interpret what he said in a couple of different ways, one being he has no control over how much he costs and he wouldn’t have cared if he joined for free, but I am going to say that he was so moved by the conversation that he had with Wenger that he has changed his perspective of life and become a gooner and when he says he would have joined for free he means that money is no longer an object that he holds to have any importance.

One player who does not fit into that category was Ivory Coast calamity Gervinho. He came out and said this yesterday:

“I was not getting much time on the pitch and was in need of this time to improve and play my best football. Wenger was not prepared to give it to me,” he explained to The Sun.

“Also my position on the wing was not what I was expecting and I wasn’t happy with it.”

“It would have helped had he shown more confidence in me,” he added.

The problem with Gervinho wasn’t that Wenger didn’t show any confidence in him, it was that he was absolute crap. He was one of those players who I believe is stronger when he is sitting on the bench than when he is playing- literally. I would rather us be playing with ten men than playing with two Gervinhos in a team. Of course, he isn’t the only player that I feel this way about (Our new number 23).

Better than Messi and Pele combined?

There is some talk going around about Wenger being offered a new deal. Why is he getting a new deal you may ask? Well apparently it is for signing Mesut Özil. Yes, signing a player has awarded Wenger a new contract. Not for the fact that he has not won the league for ten years or been on a trophy drought for eight , it is because we have signed one world class player and let go of several of our own.

I like Wenger as a person. He is somebody who you would want in charge of your club, but his failure to adapt to the changing world of football has led us to fall behind some of the new powerhouses. Do I think he is worth a new deal? It is too soon to say. A couple of weeks ago I would have wanted him sacked but I am prepared to give him til the end of the season to show us if he still has any magic left in him. It would be sad to see him go no matter what the circumstances are. He is and will forever be an Arsenal legend, which is something that may be keeping his job at the moment. A title and the Champions League at the end of the season would be a nice way to go out though.


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