Sunderland 1-3 Arsenal- Öutstanding Football

We’re top of the league!

Going to the Stadium of Light is one of my least favourite experiences of every season. Not only is the pitch at a non-league standard, but they Sunderland happen to have a manager and team that would kill you if they get the chance. Thankfully, we had something to look forward to today.

Ever since transfer deadline day, we have been waiting for Ozil’s debut and today, we finally got to see what we have been waiting for. And he did not disappoint.

Ozil adds a new dimension to our football. Our midfield is packed with extraordinary talent and watching the whole midfield link up together today was quite beautiful. Especially considering we didn’t even have Santi Cazorla who missed out through injury. Ozil’s greatest strength is his passing of course, but his mind is also something that he has strong. First off, he isn’t the sort of player who is just going to pass side wards. He was always looking to do something positive with the ball and 9 times out of 10, he was able to do something. It was all quite extraordinary considering he is in a new league and he was feeling under the weather.

Arsenal’s savior.

Arsenal started off the game quite well with Giroud scoring after ten minutes. Ozil made a good ball towards Giroud who finished with aplomb yet again. Giroud has been under pressure to succeed and win the hearts of Arsenal fans, and so far this season, he hasn’t disappointed. Ozil made several great passes for Walcott yet the Englishman was unable to convert any of them. If Walcott wants to play up top, he is going to have to improve his finishing. Right now, he is mediocre at best. Anyways, Arsenal should have gone into half time 5-0.

As usual, Arsenal made a dumb error at the start of the second half and conceded a penalty for 1-1. How many times do Arsenal get punished for not killing teams off? Anyways, after Sunderland scored, it looked like being another one of those days. Arsenal scored a rather fantastic goal in the 65th minute when Aaron Ramsey finished from the edge of the box. Once again, Aaron Ramsey showed his class as it was a fantastic goal at a fantastic time. Arsenal were lucky to escape conceding a second when Jozy Altidore and Sagna were fighting out for a ball near the edge of the box. Sagna fouled Altidore who went ahead and put the ball in the back of the net, before the referee called play back. It was a moment that made Sunderland fans angry but it wouldn’t have been deserved. Ramsey killed the game off in the 76th minute when he finished well following great football with Ozil and Giroud.

It was a fantastic team performance, although it almost was a disappointment. Still, Arsenal got the job done and our now sitting pretty at the top of the league.


3 thoughts on “Sunderland 1-3 Arsenal- Öutstanding Football

  1. Ozil was phenomenal in his debut,had it been walcott converted his chances he would have gotten a least 3 assists today.Ramsey is turnin’ into a clinical beast for arsenal..arsenal overall performance was good attitude & great fightin’ spirit.

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