Arsenal v Stoke- Match Preview

Ozil is set to make his home Arsenal debut in front of one of England’s biggest rugby teams.

Stoke City is one of those teams that I absolutely despise. There is not a single redeeming factor about them, as they have quite a distaste for Arsenal F.C. while we have a distaste for the type of football they insist on playing. More to the point, Stoke will be a tough game and the only redeeming factor is that it will be at home.

Arsenal have received no new injuries since their victory in Marseille on Wednesday night, while one player may be returning- Mikel Arteta. We have been a bit short recently in midfield, so Arteta will definitely help, but I don’t feel he is a guaranteed starter by any means. We have Flamini, Ozil, Wilshere, and Ramsey all operating the midfield right now, and it seems to be working rather well. I don’t see why Wenger would want to change it, as Flamini is more of a defensive midfielder than Arteta will ever be. Arteta is one of our more consistent players and he has an incredible pass accuracy ratio, but he is not as decisive to this team in my opinion as some will believe. Still, as long as he keeps Frimpong out of the team I will be happy.

Wenger addressed the media yesterday, mentioning our current striker shortage:

“We have now strikers who are real strikers,” said Wenger. “Sanogo is not fit but he has stature as well, we are building him up physically, he has good technical quality. And don’t forget we have Bendtner who is coming back.

“It is a fantastic opportunity for him [Bendtner]. Honestly, he was supposed to go, but he stayed and once he stays you have to consider him as a full player of the squad.

“If he deserves to play in front of Giroud, he plays in front of Giroud. That is as simple as that.

“He lost his way a little bit, but he is not a bad boy. He is a good guy. He took the easy way a little bit but now he realises there are some [signals] in your career when players think that is the moment for them. He has got the message.”

I wonder what Wenger has been smoking because it’s quite obvious that we need to strengthen up front. Bendtner is one of my least favourite players of all time and I hate everything about him, which is pretty much the nicest comment I can make about him. Sanogo is a very inexperienced, crap looking player, so I feel no confidence with him either. Really, I just hope Giroud plays every game until the January transfer window so then we can ship Bendtner off to Hull or somewhere and sign someone that wears trousers around their waste.

The gayest straight man ever.

I would expect Wenger to go for the same lineup that beat Marseille 2-1 on Wednesday night, as the players are really gelling nicely. It would be great to see Wilshere and Ozil playing at the Emirates together for the first time, so that is definitely something we all can look forward to. One thing that I have noticed about Ozil is his reluctance to shoot though! He sort of reminds me of Hleb when he shapes up to shoot and then tries to feed someone in. It would be fantastic to see him get on the score sheet for the first time on Sunday.

Let’s all laugh at Mourinho.


3 thoughts on “Arsenal v Stoke- Match Preview

  1. Morning gooner
    We have speed ,so we fight to the top
    We win stoke and many thing
    we have many heros
    ozil,theo, aron,jack and oliver
    but another heor is falarmini
    he have all back
    he isca joker for arsenal

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