Arsenal v Napoli- Match Preview

Arsenal fans may finally be able to get their wish tomorrow, watch Higuain score a goal at the Emirates. Unfortunately for us, it won’t be in an Arsenal shirt.

Arsenal face Napoli tomorrow in what could be a critical match in this media dubbed group of death. Napoli beat Dortmund 2-1 at their home stadium last time out, while Arsenal took on Marseille in France. At the current moment, us and Napoli are the two sides who have three points, but as always, the Champions league is ever so unpredictable.

Napoli has a squad that excites me like an Emile Heskey birthday cake. They are under new management and ultimately have started an exciting new project. Many of their players happen to be former Real Madrid players, which is unsurprising since their manager, Rafa Benitez, has been trying to emulate the Madrid team ever since Valencia. Some of these players include Higuain, Callejon, and Raul Albiol. Arsenal fans will have much knowledge over one of these players, as he was on the verge of joining Arsenal over 50 times during the Summer. Amazingly, the transfer of Higuain to Arsenal never panned out and now we are stick with some chap named Nicklas Bendtner.

Speaking to the media before the match, Wenger declared that he had tried to sign Higuain:

“We were working on two or three targets and he was one of them,” Wenger said. “It didn’t come off in the end, that doesn’t take anything away from his quality.

“Napoli took advantage of that at the right moment, it’s more about timing as well.

“In the end Real Madrid sold two great players, one of them went to Napoli, one [Mesut Ozil] went to Arsenal so it’s 1-1 on that front.”

Wenger has a weird of way of communicating. For example, last weekend he said that Ramsey plus Ganbry’s age equaled 40 something and the week before that he said that Ozil and Flamini both cost £21m. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with what he is saying, it’s just that he may be getting up their in age and his mind may be completely lost. Anyways, I believe that Higuain is a great player and I am sad that we didn’t sign him. We probably need someone like him more than Ozil, although Ozil is a better player overall.

Rafa Benitez also spoke to the media before the match:

“I am expecting a strong team because I think Arsène Wenger is the best coach in the Premier League,” said Benitez. “Wenger is a great manager, a great person and someone who knows the league here in England.

“He has experience in Europe, Arsenal is always top four and he is doing a great job. Hopefully he can win [the Champions League], but another year, not this one.”

I have always been indifferent towards Benitez but he is definitely a manager I respect. Some of these managers just seem like idiots but he seems like he is committed to whatever club he is trying to manage, no matter how hard the fans are trying to kick him out. He is taking a daring approach to the season with this Napoli squad, and I expect him to do well in a rather tedious Italian league. A return to the Premier League is inevitable for him, so maybe could he be Wenger’s successor. I sure as hell hope not.

Usually I would make a prediction before the match but I have the power to ruin games so I’m not saying anything. Meander your thoughts and create your own ludicrous predictions, I will have no part in it. Anyways, come on you Gunners!


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