Arsenal v Napoli- Magnificent Football

Wow, now that really was some total football. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen Arsenal actually dominate a team, and that was exactly what we did tonight against Napoli. The performance was one of the best I have ever seen by us, certainly our best of the season so far.

If you asked me to signal out the one individual who made the team click today, it would certainly be no easy task. Many people would go straight to our new man, Mesut Ozil, but there were so many top players today. Every player played their role effectively in what looks to be our Arsenal’s best starting XI. Sorry Walcott, but Rosicky seems more dangerous than you.

In defence, Mertesacker was brilliant yet again. It seems like he just stops players from going past him as easy as Messi gets past players. He is literally a rock. I’m also full of praise for Gibbs and Sagna who linked up with the offence very well. Gibbs looks to me like one of the best young left backs in England right now, while I have no doubts that Sagna is still the best right back in the league. Napoli is a strong attacking team and when they came to the Emirates a couple of months ago, they seemed like a really good team. They were unbeaten coming into the match and only Roma are better than them in Italy. Stopping a team of their caliber was never going to be an easy task but yet we excelled in that department.

Every one of our midfielders were superb, there is really no way to criticize any of the players. One player who stood out for me was Mathieu Flamini. Flamini may be impetuous, but he adds something that we have been missing for quite some time, commitment to the extremes. Flamini is willing to make the crunching tackles on players just for keeping the ball away from him for too long. Not many players are like that on the team, let alone any other team in the Premier League. His experience will be vital this season and there is no doubt in my mind that he will be one of our top 3 most influential players of the season. Wenger really took a gamble on him, and so far, it is working very well.

I must acknowledge Ramsey’s performance because he was an absolute beast, but for me, Ozil and Giroud really lit the place on fire. First off, Ozil’s goal was pure class. He made that looks so easy, considering it was a hard first time ball into the box. He placed his shot so well, as Pepe Reina had no chance of saving it. It was a goal of great quality from a player that has lit up the Emirates. Ozil was also so delicate in his touches and dribbling, it was no surprise to see him set up Giroud’s goal so shortly afterwards. Giroud had an excellent game as well, as he won ball after ball in the air. His presence is as important to the team as his finishing, which is a quality that you need your strikers to have. I am hopeful that Sanogo could work to become like Giroud from that standpoint, as they both share the same physical qualities.

The win leaves Arsenal top of the group with 6 points, being 3 points above Napoli and Dortmund. It’s a double header next for Arsenal against Dortmund in the Champions Leauge, and it will be a couple of important occasions as we could head to the last sixteen of the Champions League with some good results. The future looks bright for Arsenal once again, and with ten out of ten in a row, not many teams seem to be able to stop us.


6 thoughts on “Arsenal v Napoli- Magnificent Football

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  2. Fans cannot deny that Ozil who is the one that really boosts up the whole Arsenal team that beat Napoli at the Emirates Stadium. Of course, Flaminni re-signed to build up the back with only one direct shot from Napoli at Arsenal goalmouth. Fans have not seen such beautiful. game for many years.

  3. just imagine after the International break we will have Ozil + cazorla!!!!

    Really i want to see a midfield of Cazorla Ozil walcott Ramzy Flamini, add to that our subs list including Wilshere Rosicky OX poldi & Arteta!!! isn’t that simply crazy!!!

  4. Who saw the locking combination of Flamini and Arteta coming? Well, i don’t. What a good selection headache for Wenger after international break. How i wish we can play all (Flamini, Arteta, Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey, Wilshere, Rosicky, Walcott and Podolski) at a time, but am afraid that will not be game of 11 anymore. Reshuffle in games to keep the team fresh yet get the desired results is the key advantage here. Chamberlain, Diaby, Gnabry,Monreal, Vermaelen, Jenkinson, Fabianski, Viviano, Ryo to add push for COC n FAC. Striker signing january? COYG!!!

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