Wenger Open to Spending Big Again- New Information Over Next Season’s Kits

Hello all and welcome to another slow news day on this wonderful time we like to call the “International Break”. I’m not really sure who it is a break for, as the majority of the players have to fly to all different parts of the world while we are anxiously waiting for the football to start back up.

Anyways, Wenger had a big interview today with Arsenal.com and revealed some juicy information over the Ozil transfer:

The timing of the deal was linked to the Gareth Bale deal, but also all the other deals as well because Real Madrid bought Illarramendi and Isco in the summer. When I first contacted Real Madrid, things were quite open. They also needed time for Carlo Ancelotti to get to know his squad better, so he could make a decision. So all these aspects put together explains why it happened so late. We had a big advantage, and that was that I had been in contact with Mesut before, when he first went to Real Madrid three years ago. I spoke to him back then on the phone, in the end he told me he wanted to go to Real Madrid, so I wished him well, but that first contact had been made. He knew that I wanted him for a long time, and this was not the first time I tried to sign him.

I always want to bring the best players in here, world-class players, at the best possible price. And I want to continue to educate 60 to 80 per cent of the squad ourselves. The culture of the Club, the way we want to play football and the way we want to behave, comes from within. The Wilsheres, the Ramseys, the Gibbs – these kind of players have to be the culture of the Club. Then on top of that we want to bring world-class players who will help us to be even stronger.

{On if Arsenal fans can expect 1-2 new big signings a season} If the big signings are needed, then yes. If it’s just for marketing reasons, then no. But for football reasons, why not.

Things are changing for the better at Arsenal as you can tell by Wenger’s interview. He seems to be much more open to this whole thing called “transfers”. I think that we will be spending money again in January and hopefully it is for another big name player, preferably a striker with the name Suarez, Lewandowski, Diego Costa, Benteke or Falcao.

I never really had any doubts over whether the Ozil transfer would be completed on time. I was just amazed at the amount of time it took from him to sign considering he had a medical with a good ten hours left in the transfer window. Of course the deal was tied with the Bale deal, and as Wenger confirmed it, it means that Tottenham pretty much sold us Ozil by them selling Bale to Real Madrid. It’s hard to see why Real wanted Bale instead of Ozil, as one is an injury prone over-hyped chimpanzee , and the other is Jesus Christ reincarnated. We got the better end of the deal, no doubt about it.

Moving over to Arsenal’s deal with PUMA, Arsenalinsider has given us new information about next seasons kits. Apparently, Arsenal will stick with the current away scheme which is yellow and blue for the away kit for next season. They have mocked up a photo of it to show what to expect.

From Arsenalinsder

Looks simple enough to me. You aren’t going to go wrong with yellow and blue for the away kit, as it is the original colors. Fans will surely be pleased with the design.

Now the third kit is going to be a bit different; Arsenalinsider says that it is going to be… dark turquoise! I am completely fine with PUMA going out of the way to use new colors for the third kit, as we will hardly be wearing it. As long as it isn’t pure white I am happy (or pink, those pink jerseys are usually nasty).

That’s all for today, not much going on but as always, I’ll keep you posted.


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