Arsenal v Norwich- Match Preview

It seems like an eternity since the last time Arsenal played. Thankfully, this eternity is set to end tomorrow as we host Norwich City at the Emirates.

My biggest concern for the match was whether or not Ozil and Cazorla were going to be fit in time. Wenger pretty much confirmed that they are both fit, but it looks like Cazorla isn’t going to start due to lack of match fitness. It seems unlikely that we are going to be able to see the orgasmic link up between Ozil and Cazorla tomorrow, but it is great nonetheless to have them back. Sagna is also 80% fit, but a start for Jenkinson seems the more likely.

Last season, we had a bit of a tough time against Norwich, but in the end it became one of our games of the season. If you remember, we were 1-0 down in the 85th minute when Arteta equalized from the spot. Giroud and Podolski scored in the dying moments of that game to win it 3-1. It was an absolutely fantastic victory last season, and a great game, but I am hoping for something a bit less pressurizing. Norwich are in the relegation zone and Arsenal are top of the table, so you would expect for fans and players to be confident coming into this game. If there is one thing I’ve learned from watching football in the past years is that you can never ever underestimate a team. Each game is going to be difficult, there is no way around that. We have had troubles at the Emirates for some reason, and a good start is an absolute must for tomorrow.

Last time we played at home, it was against Napoli and we were explosive at the beginning of the game. Ozil scored his first goal in the red and white and he assisted Giroud for us to have a 2-0 lead after fifteen minutes. That is probably the only time I can remember in recent history of us being comfortable at home. It seems like we are able to play our game better away for some reason.

Anyways, our injury problems are becoming less and less. Podolski, Chamberlain, and Walcott being the only first team players still out of the squad. Unfortunately, they are all vital assets to our team and we will still miss them. We are a bit short in the wings with our only natural players there being Gnabry and Miyaichi. Ozil and Cazorla have played there before and although the latter hasn’t really impressed me on the wings as he does in the centre of the field, Ozil has shown some quality playing in that position and I hope he will play there tomorrow. Rosicky is another option along with Wilshere.

I don’t like making predictions about Arsenal matches as I feel like whenever I do, I jinx the team or something, so I’m just going to say that the team needs to fight hard and play together like they did against Napoli. The fans must also be in full voice as well to make a rocking atmosphere at the Emirates. COYG


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