Arsenal v Borrusia Dortmund- Match Preview

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It is a game that is expected to be oozing with quality football. England’s in form team versus the free flowing football of Dortmund. It is Arsenal v Borrusia Dortmund, and it is expected to be a spectacle.

Coming into this game, we are in a very good position. Six points from Marseille and Napoli is great, but now we face arguably our biggest threat, Borrusia Dortmund. If we win, we will be in pole position to qualify for the last sixteen. If we lose, Dortmund are back on track following their defeat away to Napoli. It is going to be close, but great teams should be able to get out of tough groups. That’s why City and United have been failing in the past couple of seasons.

If there is one team that I hold a high respect for in Europe, it is Borrusia Dortmund. From their style of play to their fans, I appreciate almost everything about them. I have said before that Jurgen Klopp would be my ideal successor to Arsene Wenger, who is not going to be signing a contract any time soon. Arsenal and Dortmund are similar in a number of ways, and that is why I feel that tomorrow’s game will be special.

Wenger is expected to rotate the squad a little bit so expect to see some changes in midfield. Flamini is the only player completely ruled out, so Wenger is still going to be able to switch it up as much as he likes. I would be surprised to see Cazorla start, with Rosicky being his likely replacement. It looks like Ramsey will start, although I know that Wenger wants to give him a rest. Wenger also wanted to give a rest to Ozil last weekend, but he is too important to just leave out, especially for a game like this. Unfortunately, Podolski and Walcott are both a not going to be fit for another few weeks so we are going to be a bit short in the forward position.

Speaking before the game on Sky Sports News, Jurgen Klopp revealed his thoughts over Arsenal:

“This team missed one player and maybe it can be Mesut Ozil,” said Klopp.

“He is technically perfect, he is fast and has developed a drive to goal. He is very intelligent and can play in any team. He has everything, is a natural and it works very well.

“That is why it was a great idea from Arsenal and not so from the one team who let him go. One year ago no one thought it was possible they could play brilliant football without (Santi) Cazorla.

“Now they have some injuries and still look strong with (Aaron) Ramsey and (Jack) Wilshere, (Tomas) Rosicky is back in shape and (Olivier) Giroud, he is one of the best strikers.

“As a supporter this is one of the most beautiful types of football to watch.

“Who is strong enough to be champions in the Premier League is of course strong enough to go to the final of the Champions League.

“Now they are back in the race for titles and we want to stop them.”

It is great to have the fear factor back. We have been to much of a pushover in the past couple of years so a little bit of intimidation is much needed. Ozil alone has offered quite a bit a change to the way other teams see us, as now we have someone that opposition players know to be Word Class.

It will be a tough game tomorrow, but with a jumping atmosphere and a good start, the team will definitely have more belief. Dortmund have some very good players, so maybe Wenger can also do a little scouting as well. That’s all from me, COYG!


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