Gnabry Signs New Contract – Mourinho Speaks

Hello everybody and welcome to a quick Monday post for you.

First off, exciting young forward Serge Gnabry has signed a new deal with the club. He has shown great potential so far this season and has hardly looked out of place in the squad. Considering he is only 18, that is pretty impressive, and he is only going to get better. The young German scored his first goal for the club against Swansea a few weeks ago and played well against Crystal Palace on Saturday. He has been a big bright spot of the season so far and we hope that he will continue to get games.

Arsene Wenger spoke to about Gnabry’s contract extension:

“We signed Serge Gnabry because I believe that he will be a great player. He’s nearly there now, and competes for a regular place in the team in the Premier League.

“He has technical ability, he has power, he has pace, he has finishing quality and he can give a final ball. He’s a powerful offensive player and I believe that he will be a great player for Arsenal Football Club.”

Arsenal plays Chelsea tomorrow in a game that Gnabry is almost certain to start. One of the advantages of having a player like Gnbary is that he is so versatile. So far, we have only stuck him up on the wing, but if you watch any reserve matches you see that he plays all across the top. He reminds me a lot of Chamberlain, even though Chamberlain is by no means an accomplished player. There is still a lot of work ahead for both of them but so far, things are looking good.

Serge Gnabry celebrates. Image from

Moving onto Chamberlain for a second, I feel like he should be given a chance in midfield when he comes back from injury. He has said before that attacking midfield is his hopeful position and I say give him a go at it. The only problem is that we have Ozil now, so it is very unlikely for him to make a claim for that place. Chamberlain has impressed very much in three games: Arsenal 3-0 AC Milan, Arsenal 1-2 Man Utd, and Arsenal 7-1 Blackburn. He was a beast in all of those games, but all of them came a couple of seasons ago. Last year,, he wasn’t all that impressive and it felt like he was rather reserved. He is at his best when he runs at players and that’s what I’m hoping for when he rejoins the first team.

Arsenal plays Chelsea in the Capital One Cup tomorrow at the Emirates. One person is not particularly happy about it though. Jose Mourinho said this in his post match interview yesterday:

“We are going to give the game that the people that put the game on Tuesday want. If they want a big game, we cannot give the big game,” Mourinho said.

“If they want the players that were playing today [Sunday], we cannot give them that. If they want Arsenal to win a trophy, that’s a help.

“If they want a big game between two big teams in London, they should put the game on Wednesday and not on Tuesday, because I am not going to do that.”

It is very unlikely that Wenger is going to put out any players that started against Crystal Palace. I hope very much so that he does not. Most of our players are in dire need of a rest, and tomorrow is the perfect time to let some of the second-third stringers play, including Jedi Master Nicklas Bendtner. Imagine if he scored. The entire Emirates will be rocking. Anyways, this is a good opportunity to win a trophy this season. If we knock Chelsea out, our only competition in the Cup would be City, since Liverpool are already knocked out. The rest of the teams are mid-table clubs like Man Utd and Tottenham.

Winning the League Cup may not seem like a lot, but I am going to say that it is an important trophy to win, if Wenger actually wants to win it. When Mourinho first came to Chelsea, he put out his best players to win the League Cup because he knew that it was their best opportunity for a trophy and it would give the players the confidence and belief to win more, and look at what happened. The same thing can happen to Arsenal, but only if Wenger wants to win it.

That’s all from me today, COYG.


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