Arsenal 0-2 Chelsea: Match Thoughts

Arsenal came storming out of the Capital One Cup with a 2-0 loss at home against Chelsea. Here are some belated match thoughts.

Arsenal are lacking depth in size and quality- If there was one thing that was really made clear to me while watching that match was the difference in depth between Arsenal and Chelsea. It is really quite embarrassing how Chelsea were able to start their non starters and still be able to play Mata, De Bruyne, Essien, Luiz, and Eto’o. Mean while, Arsenal started almost our strongest team (people who are saying that Arsenal put out a weaker team are clearly in denial) with Wilshere, Cazorla, Ramsey, Ozil, Giroud and Rosicky all playing. First off, Rosicky is the only one who should have played yesterday and maybe Jack Wilshere, maybe. Many players are in need of a break and another 90 minutes of hard fighting by some of the players is clearly not going to help their fitness needs. Secondly, the reason we started those players is because they really are our only options. It is amazing how small our squad is when compared to Chelsea. They are able to start Eto’o and have Demba Ba on the bench while we are able to start master Bendtner and have Park on the bench. Chelsea our favorites for the title by many people just because of how strong their weakest link is.

Arsenal Still Need to Spend in January- Let me start off by saying that I am thrilled by the way that the team has played this season and the way in which things have occurred. On transfer deadline day, I was very pleased with the Ozil signing yet I was still disappointed by the fact that we didn’t sign anyone else. Ozil is a great player, but he is not going to be enough to give us a team capable of becoming the best. We can still win the title, but it is only going to get tougher unless Wenger splashes some cash in January. If I was in Arsene’s shoes, I presume he has some big feet, I would be looking for a striker who is able to score and dribble the ball. The two players that come to mind are Suarez and Rooney. If we are able to sign one of them, we will have a squad that I will be confident in saying that we can beat anybody in the world. That’s how close we are to achieving greatness, One player. It will be difficult to get Rooney or Suarez, but if it can happen for any amount of money this January, we should try our hardest to get one.

Mata puts Chelsea 2-0 in front.

We Didn’t Play Badly- We didn’t play good by any means, but it isn’t like we were terrible. You can tell that we wanted it more than Chelsea, the only problem was that it felt like boys against men, and that is a terrible feeling to have in football. I don’t want to signal anybody out just yet, but we were very, very immature in some areas. You can see the experience, physique, and quality that Chelsea had in the squad, Our midfield is probably the best in the country, but last night, we were shown what we have been missing, a strong holding midfielder. Maybe it’s not fair to criticize as we didn’t have Flamini in the squad, but if you take him out of the equation, we have no players who can play that position well. Those of you who say that Arteta is good there aren’t looking at the big picture. He is good for calming things down and passing the ball to more advanced areas from that position. He is nowhere near as good as Flamini when it comes to taking the ball off of players and stopping opposition attacks. Is defensive midfield an area in which Wenger should strengthen in January. I wouldn’t say so, but if an injury were to occur to Flamini, we don’t have much cover there.

Jenkinson Needs Some Loan Time- Oh Carl, what to say. First off, many supporters like him because of his love for the club. I appreciate that he is one of us and wants to do his uttermost best for the club, and he showed last night how much he was willing to try to do well for the team on many occasions. Unfortunately, his mistake was costly and it wasn’t unpredictable. There were a few times in the game yesterday where he was just horrendous in defence. His clearances were awful and his decision making was just as poor. When going forward, he did a better job of breaking down our attacks than he did Chelsea’s. It was clear to everybody in the stadium that he needs some more experience in order to play for a big club. A loan out is the best option, as right now I don’t feel confident with him stepping in for Sagna. Despite all of his negatives, it will be hard to fault him for his commitment and work ethic. There is probably no other player in the team who tried as hard last night to make something happen. Unfortunately, the quality just isn’t there at the moment. If he is going to fulfill his potential, it is most likely going to have to start at some other club.

What did you feel about the game? Leave your thoughts and comments below.


3 thoughts on “Arsenal 0-2 Chelsea: Match Thoughts

  1. Your correct in the points you made, i believe Wenger needs to instill the same hate Jose has for losing to Arsenal into his players the way he does in his, even Mata who was not getting playing time under Jose thundered through the game, and yes we have depth issues, we need a different style striker than Oliver. someone like a Jackson Martinez a cut throat attacker, maybe giving us the option to play a 4,4,2 style against the big boys of the EPL.

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