Is Carl Jenkinson a Reliable Back Up?

Carl Jenkinson in Action for the Gunners.

Yesterday, Jenkinson had an unfortunate performance in which he made one costly error and failed to show us why he should be in the first team. Jenkinson has had glimpses of potential before, but at the age of 21, it is time for him to become more consistent in his performances. He had a couple of good games this season, but in many games he has looked poor. Jenkinson is our second choice right back after Sagna, and is the only one who can answer if Sagna were to get an injury. With his inconsistent performances, some fans may get a little edgy when he is playing, especially against big teams. We are left to answer the question,”Should we sell him in January, or should we give him more time?” Remember, Gibbs had a couple of poor performances when he was first inducted into the first team, but Jenkinson is a bit older than Gibbs was at the time. So what do you think? Should Jenkinson be let go? Vote and leave your thoughts below.


11 thoughts on “Is Carl Jenkinson a Reliable Back Up?

  1. Jenkinson deserves to be in the team. He’s still young, quick, has a killer cross and is normally defensively sound. Just a bad game for him, he’s a confidence player, if he has a bad moment the rest of his game is awful, if he plays well and has a few games in a row he’s very reliable as he proved last season.

  2. Jenkinson should sent out on loan at list for a season. Remember, he made simillar mistakes against Napoli during the emirate cup. It so that he is not learn from the past So presently he is not good enough to represent Arsenal.

  3. I dont think carl jekinson will be a good replacement for our dearie ageing bacary sagna.He should be sent out on loan so he can get constant playing time under his belt,cos his errors is already costing us dearly..

  4. Sagna and Jenkinson have a very wide age difference. Bring in another RB at least at the level of Monreal (10M? range). Ideal who can also double as CB or DM. Keep Jenkinson if he can tolerate going down the order for a while. And then when Sagna is gone, see if he steps up after 2 or 3 more years. If not sell him and promote another yound player.

  5. i think he is good but one bad game is does not represent s
    his quality he will be ok remember gibbs v man united cl game how gibbs is playing now so lets not go overboard the problem is wenger for not buying striker bedtner is joke

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