Arsenal v Liverpool is Potentially One of the Most Important Games of the Season

It’s been a long time since Arsenal and Liverpool were both coming into a game with both sides hoping to end up on top of the table. Liverpool have been in a slump over the past couple of seasons and are finally looking like a real football side again. It will be a real test of how far they have come against Arsenal, as we are currently the best team in England.


Walcott against Liverpool last season.

In the reverse fixture last season, Arsenal were trailing Liverpool 2-0 thanks to goals from Suarez and Henderson. Arsenal came back from behind thanks to quickfire goals from Walcott and Giroud, but unfortunately the Gunners were unable to provide a winning goal. This time around, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if the scoreline was the same. Liverpool and Arsenal are the two best attacking teams in England arguably, and have two of the most unpredictable defences. Most of the goals we have conceded have been avoidable, and I’m sure that is something that Wenger is hoping to fix in the coming weeks. It seems like at least 80% of our goals conceded were due to lapses in concentration rather than good attacking play from the opposition, so we are going to have to be at our sharpest in the back.

The game has gained more intensity due to the situation with Suarez and Arsenal over the Summer. Who can forget the infamous £40m+1 bid? We have gotten into a messy situation with Liverpool thanks to that bid, but in all honesty, Liverpool have been the side that have acted the more immature over it. Many Gooners are torn over whether or not they would have wanted Suarez in the team. I personally would have been thrilled to have Suarez in the team because he is undoubtedly the best player in the league. You can say what you want, but if he didn’t have racial-cannibalistic problems than he would be in the media due to his sheer talent. He or Rooney would be my perfect signing in January, although both look very unlikely.

Moving back onto the game, I am hopeful that Giroud has a stormer. I believe that he will make a difference in the game, whether it’s good or bad depends upon which Giroud shows up. We have seen the best of Giroud this season, but we have also seen a couple of poor moments by him. He has improved greatly, and that is really all that you can ask for. It still seems to me like he isn’t quite fit enough to last a full ninety minutes, but others will disagree. He is going to have to be at his best due to the amount of chances I believe he is going to have. Having watched Liverpool this season on a few occasions, they have given up many chances in every game. Brendan Rodgers hasn’t found his best defensive pairing, and considering there defence consists of an aging Kolo Toure and new signing Sakho, I doubt that we are going to have to “find a way” past their defence. It is a shame that Walcott isn’t fit because I feel like he would explode in this sort of game.

So it is going to be an important game come the end of the season. Arsenal and Liverpool are both on form and neither will be looking to drop points. Great football is expected, which means a boring nil-nil draw is more likely on the cards. Who would be in your starting XI and why? Leave a comment below. Also, follow the Gooner Monkey on Twitter!!!!


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