Yes Wenger, We Do Need a New Striker

The Arsenal players are finally back from their two week break, if you can call it a break. The majority of our players have been looking fatigued in the past weeks, and a break would have been nice for them. Instead, the majority got some pointless friendlies across the globe. It’s not all bad though, as some players like Ozil got a night off, but in all honesty, some of the players are still needing some rest.

While some players get breaks, others don’t get the chance to receive one. By some players, I mean Giroud. It is quite clear that he is our only true striker and the fact that he has no competition is worrying. Everybody in the world seems to understand that we are lacking serious depth, everyone except Wenger.

Speaking to reporters, Wenger spoke about our current striking situation:

“I think we can win the title without signing a striker,” Wenger told reporters ahead of Saturday’s Premier League clash against third place Southampton at Emirates Stadium.

“[Lukas] Podolski is not back but he shouldn’t be too far now. They make it less critical to sign a striker. Also, Theo [Walcott] gives us qualities that other players haven’t got. It’s a different option. Theo also gives us an opportunity to be a mobile striker. If we lose Giroud today we have nobody with body weight up front.

“Look, I am not against it [a January signing]. I don’t say I never make a mistake. I certainly made some. Sometimes it is because we didn’t sign the right player.

“It is always difficult in the middle of the season [to sign the right players]. If somebody is doing well somewhere the clubs do not necessarily want to sell him. They can wait until the end of the season. Most of the time it is because we didn’t find [the right players].”

Wenger isn’t necessarily saying that we aren’t going to sign anyone in January, but it doesn’t seem like he is going to be moving any mountains to try and sign a world class striker that we are desperately needing.

Looking at Giroud this season, I feel that we have an improved player who is willing to put team before himself. I am also seeing a player who is in need of a break, able to get complacent, and a tad bit overrated. Seriously, Giroud is good but not great. People comparing him to Van Persie are going a bit on the extreme side. Not to say that I wouldn’t rather Giroud on the team than Van Persie though.

Players coming back

Players coming back

The thing that I like the most about Giroud is his physicality and link up play. I don’t think there are any other strikers in the league who are able to create that link between the midfield and strikers like Giroud can. Some of the one twos he plays have been phenomenal to say the least. One that comes to mind is Wilshere’s fantastic team goal against Norwich last month. Giroud created that goal with sheer technique.

Having said that about Giroud, I still believe that he is over confident at times and not as good as people make out for him to be. Confidence is one of the most important aspects to how well a player is going to play in a certain game. Some times, Giroud has taken players on or shot from 30 yards when he should have played the simpler pass. Usually I wouldn’t mind a player going for goal from distance or trying to beat players, but Giroud has never shown that he has the ability to really dribble the ball very well or score from outside the penalty box. I can only think of one time when Giroud has scored from outside the box, in a game against Brighton in the FA Cup; besides that I don’t believe he has ever really shone in his shooting ability.

Giroud alone is not going to win us the title for two reasons: the fact that he is alone and he will really thrive with a good striking partner. I’m not talking about someone like Walcott or Podolski, I’m talking about a striker’s striker. Someone like Lewandowski or Suarez will really make a difference to our season. If we can sign a top class striker this January, we will be favourites for the league without question, and I believe actual 100% contenders. I feel antipathy whenever Wenger talks about his future transfer dealings as it seems like he never really wants to sign anyone. He surprised us on transfer deadline day, but it is not going to be enough for the whole season. Well, we have Ozil now, now it’s time to bring in another £40m player.


6 thoughts on “Yes Wenger, We Do Need a New Striker

  1. If he admits he needs a striker then the price goes up.. if he can find a better backup/rotate striker than podolski or walcott would be as one then he will probably buy them.

  2. He, will buy a world class striker in January., recall what he said about Diego Coster, he looks like a manager who lack sthng in his squad.

  3. Come on, Wenger doesn’t want Arsenal to look desperate. It is simply a tactic to avoid paying a pound more than what a player is worth. Poker!

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