New Players are Making the Difference – Everyone Laugh at Tottenham

Wojcieh Szczesny

It’s almost December and Arsenal are still first!

To begin the blog off, I would like to pay tribute to Gunners Legend Pat Rice, who is currently receiving treatment for cancer. Pat Rice is a true Arsenal legend, both on and off the pitch. It’s been unusual not seeing him next to Wenger for the past season and a half, as you always used to see him screaming at players to do more. I would like to wish him a speedy recovery.

When you look at the reasons why Arsenal are first, it comes down simply to one thing, consistency. Usually, Arsenal and consistency are not two words that coincide together, but this season it could not be much more different. When you look at the start of the season, there were many ways in which you can fault the Arsenal squad. You could say that they were not old enough, strong enough, or even just good enough. Then came the signing of Mesut Ozil. Ozil’s greatest contribution to the club has not come on the pitch but rather the immediate impact it had on everybody. Days before he joined, people were protesting against the club refusing to buy shirts, pies, or even go to the games. Now, Ozil is currently the third most sold shirt in the world. That is quite a turnaround.

It’s not just the signing of Ozil that has made the difference though. Wenger has to take credit for the position of the club because he made the entire squad from scratch almost. It seems like every player that he has signed in the past few seasons are turning out to be very good players, and since we are not a selling club anymore, we are able to gel together. Just look at some of our best players this season: Szczesny (came from the youth ranks, with many people saying that we needed to sign a new goalkeeper in the Summer), Koscielny (Joined having one year of football in a top division), Ramsey (One of our most inconsistent and frustrating players over the past couple of seasons) and Mertesacker (Had a difficult first season but has been superb in the past two). The list can keep going and going. All of these players are thanks to Wenger.

Moving away from Arsenal’s season, I would like to give a special shout out to Tottenham, London’s finest. I don’t think any gooner in the world would care if Tottenham lost 6-0 to any team every week of the season, and seeing them lose in that fashion to City last weekend was one of the greatest joys of the season. Tottenham have scored 9 goals this season, and it seems like all nine have been from the penalty spot. Look at how times have changed. At the beginning of the season, most of us were upset that Tottenham spent £100m while we were yet to spend a penny. Now look at where we are at. Don’t worry Spurs fans, you can get back on track by beating Tromso (whatever Tromso is) today in the Europa League.

Everyone one have a good day.


20 thoughts on “New Players are Making the Difference – Everyone Laugh at Tottenham

  1. All a bit small minded …for a gooner who does not care about Spurs you gave us quite a mention …1 paragraph out of 4 of your miserable article….me thinks thou dost protest too much!

  2. Well Levy did drop us in it this time, the other way round and we would laugh at them.
    Just because Harry’s head was turned by the England job, we dropped away when well ahead of the Arse, and Levy went mad, chopped arry and appointed a young fella who had proved nothing and is now trying to learn at our expense. Then to make sure we messed up, replaced our best player who left because arry had gone with seven who had no experience of our league, more than half a team change !!! Totally balmy, blithering and bonkers. Will take years to get back to where arry got us, just around 4 or 5, almost a 3, and thats where he would have built from given say just 20 million.

  3. Amazing u should celebrating being top but all u wanna do is talk about a team in midtable,still worried bout us then, thanks 4 da compliment!

  4. How has this absolute tripe made it onto the Spurs webpage? For a side top of the league you lot don’t half think about Spurs a hell of a lot more than Spurs fans do about you!

  5. I agree. So many Spurs stories made up by Arsenal fans these days. It’s actually sad they all play the money card. “YOU SPENT 100 MILL!!”. Yes, and we sold for 100 mill. At least we invest it in a young squad. We have been progressing the last years, you have been stagnating, that is why you are writing to much about us i guess?

      • Yes, you have always been on top of the league… You sound so immature that it’s actually funny how much you disgrace your own club

  6. Hahahahahahaaa, look at all the bitter spuds having a good cry…loooooooooool
    “Wonderful scenes at the Etihad”
    “Mind the gap”

    • What are you so bitter about, arsenic nose? Seems to me the spuds aren’t too bothered about the gunners but the gunners really feel they have a point to prove. And remind me: What are the two teams’ budgets? Seems it should be the other way around.

      • “Blue Skies”….are you a Man Shitty fan mate? LOL. Of course you’d think that..Man Shitty are the Tottenham of Manchester : )

      • Not a shitty fan. I prefer arsenal’s method of success to city’s get rich quick nonsense “Blue skies” because I live in a sunny place and don’t pay tax to support ppke like you who would apparently rather spend all day getting uptight about football than creating a life for yourself and contributing to society and the economy. Now I see the value in sites like this because it keeps you home instead of on the streets where you’d beat up little kids.

  7. FFS, when will we learn? The Arse are humiliating us again, i could just cry, we’re just a mid table club and should be happy at that.

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