Källström Joins Arsenal: Thoughts & Poll

Well, I don’t think anybody was expecting such a high intensity end to the transfer window!

Wenger has said before that he would like to completely wipe out the January transfer window, and I think that today shows exactly why. It’s just another time period where fans are able to question his ability. For the past few months, it seemed like the January transfer window was going to be a blessing because we have seen more recently that Giroud needs time to rest and some good competition, especially with Walcott out injured. Once again Wenger has baffled us by shunning the opportunity to sign a striker. Instead we got a 31-year old Swedish midfielder.

I have to admit, I know little to nothing about Källström except that he is left footed, plays for Sweden, and used to be at Lyon. He was a top class player in FIFA 06 I believe. He is by no means a bad signing, with him having over 100 caps for Sweden, and over 200 for Lyon. Not only can his experience play a vital role in our push for the title, but also his versatility as he can play anywhere in midfield, whether it be on the wings, deep, or in an attacking position. He will provide us a with some quality and cover with Ramsey, Wilshere, and Flamini all out.

Now the thing that I don’t understand is this: How come we made reportedly made loan bids for Kalou, Klose, and possibly Cisse all so late in the transfer window? If we wanted to sign a striker, we should have at least tried to bring one in before the end of the window. Our failed late bids for these players showed a sign of desperation and confusion in the club. Klose or Cisse would have been great short term loan options to carry us out through the rest of the season as both of them are proven goalscorers. Kalou on the other hand is… well… a player.

In terms of people leaving the club, Frimpong and Park both went out to Barnsley and Watford respectively. Frimpong left permanently, and from his face in the picture below, it seems like somebody tricked him into signing a contract with Barnsley. Frimpong was always more of a celebrity at the club than a player, but he truly cared about Arsenal and it is sad to see him go.


So what did you think of deadline day? Do we still have a chance at the title? Vote and leave a comment below.



11 thoughts on “Källström Joins Arsenal: Thoughts & Poll

  1. No faith, how come we all see we need another striker, except for Wenger!! Another season with out a trophy. Please do not reward another trophyless season with an extended contract for Mr Wenger.

  2. Much needed classy midfielder to cover missing players.bit of experience too. Could have done with someone up front but hey draxler and kloser didn’t quite happen not the end of the world. Still win a trophy this season and summer time building an unbelievable squad around Ramsey and ozil

  3. Mr. Wenger i don’t lyk u… Disappointer u fail as for real do you think we can get anything??? Ooh!! Noo….h!!! Forget about that if we try we will finish 4th onthe table.

  4. Another series of media inspired bullshite rumours blogged as if thjey are the truth and reality when they are typically made up hysteria from the yellow journalists looking for cheap hits. Gooner Chris….you should be ashamed of yourself being a tool of these shysters. When you said you don’t think…..that was the only accurate statement made in the above article!

  5. media bullshit is spot on , the guy we got on loan was never mentioned and as for the rest it was made up , NB is now back and to be honest he is not that bad striker hence wenger did not get anyone , wait till the summer when we will get a few more in , as for now , FA cup is best bet , as for PL and CL we have a chance but depends on injuries and a bit of luck that man city have been getting and the knowledge that we have played well in the last 3 seasons from this point in to get champions league spot , lastly we above the spuds and look at the money they have spent

  6. WOw! Its anoda free season 4 arsenal & i think manchester city hav payed wenger to let them win the league this season and he is sympathysing man untd 4 qualfying to champions league

  7. Wenger is a fantastic boos bt he lacks sympathy 4 arsenal fans Bt 4 beautifull bad players lyk giroud and flamini. Hmm ! Giroud ko Dan DAuDu ? ! Ok ! Me too am out 4 loan as karlmstm was in

  8. Wenger did not get a striker. I don’t whether it will come back to haunt him
    if Giroud gets injured and the goals dry up.You never know.
    There are thugs in the premier league who will deliberately injure another one.
    And don’t forget about the refs too. Rose was sent off .It was the turning point in the game.
    Now that his rc has been rescinded,the FA shd reprimand/indeed punish the ref.

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