Poll: Has Wenger Done Enough to Warrant a New Contract

With rumours of Wenger’s contract being delayed, it begins to spark questions over what the hold up is it and why they haven’t been able to announce it yet. Some fans over recent seasons have been entirely against Wenger, believing that he was holding the club back from reaching it’s maximum potential. I personally believe that for what he has, Wenger has done well over the past few seasons and he is still the man for the job. While I wish that he would open the chequebook on more occasions. It’s the begging of a new financial stability at the club, and there are few people who I would trust with the newly added funds other than Wenger. This season, he has proven that he still has the ability to get a team to compete at the top level and a trophy may be waiting for us at the end of the season, a trophy that would have come through years of progress and delay, yet earned rather than bought. Do you think Wenger should get a new contract? Vote and leave a comment below.


Källström Joins Arsenal: Thoughts & Poll


Well, I don’t think anybody was expecting such a high intensity end to the transfer window!

Wenger has said before that he would like to completely wipe out the January transfer window, and I think that today shows exactly why. It’s just another time period where fans are able to question his ability. For the past few months, it seemed like the January transfer window was going to be a blessing because we have seen more recently that Giroud needs time to rest and some good competition, especially with Walcott out injured. Once again Wenger has baffled us by shunning the opportunity to sign a striker. Instead we got a 31-year old Swedish midfielder.

I have to admit, I know little to nothing about Källström except that he is left footed, plays for Sweden, and used to be at Lyon. He was a top class player in FIFA 06 I believe. He is by no means a bad signing, with him having over 100 caps for Sweden, and over 200 for Lyon. Not only can his experience play a vital role in our push for the title, but also his versatility as he can play anywhere in midfield, whether it be on the wings, deep, or in an attacking position. He will provide us a with some quality and cover with Ramsey, Wilshere, and Flamini all out.

Now the thing that I don’t understand is this: How come we made reportedly made loan bids for Kalou, Klose, and possibly Cisse all so late in the transfer window? If we wanted to sign a striker, we should have at least tried to bring one in before the end of the window. Our failed late bids for these players showed a sign of desperation and confusion in the club. Klose or Cisse would have been great short term loan options to carry us out through the rest of the season as both of them are proven goalscorers. Kalou on the other hand is… well… a player.

In terms of people leaving the club, Frimpong and Park both went out to Barnsley and Watford respectively. Frimpong left permanently, and from his face in the picture below, it seems like somebody tricked him into signing a contract with Barnsley. Frimpong was always more of a celebrity at the club than a player, but he truly cared about Arsenal and it is sad to see him go.


So what did you think of deadline day? Do we still have a chance at the title? Vote and leave a comment below.


Walcott, Podolski, or Chamberlain? Which One is More Vital


Arsenal are lacking some real firepower up front, mainly due to Wenger’s unfathamble decision to not sign a new striker, but also due to missing some good players due to injury. Podolski and Walcott were two of our best players last season, with Chamberlain showing glimpses of why we paid so much for him. There is no question about these players abilities, and they are certainly being missed right now. Each player has their own strengths and weaknesses and are individual in their own way. Walcott is fast, Podolski is explosive, while Chamberlain is almost a mixture of the two. The question is, which one is more vital? Vote and leave a comment below!

Wilshere or Ramsey: Who Will Become the Best


Ramsey and Wilshere applauding the fans.

Wilshere and Ramsey are two of the players in the squad who have enormous amounts of potential. Ever since Wilshere made his debut, he has been put under the spotlight to become the next big thing. Unfortunately for Wilshere, he has had quite a few injuries in his time, including missing the entirety of the 2011-2012 season. Ramsey has also had an unfortunate setback in his career when Ryan Shawcross snapped his leg in half. Both players have shown their best this season, with Ramsey showing he can become the next Lionel Messi. Wilshere has scored one of the season’s best goals so far and has proved that he can play more than one game a week. Our midfield is the strongest in the country, having a bunch of quality players who prefer to play in the number 10 position. Ramsey and Wilshere have both played all over the midfield, with both playing defensive midfielder and even on the wings. Both of them aren’t guaranteed a starting place, so the question is, which one will achieve their potential and which one has more of it? Vote and leave a comment below.


Wenger Has a Lot of Work to Do


Sanogo has played more Champions League football than Spurs will this season!

To be a good side and to be a great side are two different things. There are many things that contribute to becoming a great side, one of which is great players, but another is something that Arsenal lacks, great ambition. Sometimes, taking risks is less risky than taking none at all. The current Arsenal board lacks and imagination or desire to change the direction of the club, and they seem to be fine with that.

Say what you want about the current group of players, but they are not bad. They aren’t great but they are a side capable of competing for Champions League football. The Premier League is a bit of a stretch but Champions League football should be something that this team can compete for. We have gotten rid of a lot of week links in the side which is a big plus, but unfortunately, the squad hasn’t been strengthened at all. And to some extent, it has weakened.

At the start of the Summer, we were linked to a plethora of marquee signings, it was impossible to believe that we would be this close to deadline day with a £10m profit to our bank. Yet, the current dumbos in charge of the club see no need to spend big. There is absolutely no reason not to spend big though. We have the money, we have Champions League football, we just lack ambition.

I believe that Wenger does want to strengthen, but the club is so bad at negotiating, we haven’t been able to make any sufficient offers. That being said, I believe that Wenger has way too much faith in his current squad. Is it time for him to go? I think so. A top, young, hungry manager would want to spend big. AVB is the perfect example. Bale hasn’t even left the club and they are going well above the £100m mark. And they don’t even have Champions League football!

The time has come to sign some class. Not Flamini or Cabaye, but actual players. The only way this can happen is if the board comes to their senses, which will only happen through their wallets. If the club starts to make less and less money, then the board may just say that it is time to start spending. This could be a crazy theory considering the board seems to be completely messed up.

A director of football is needed, badly. We don’t need some Ivan Gazidis who wants to pocket money for himself, we need a David Dein and an Usmanov, people that actually want the club to do well for themselves. Seriously, if I was in charge of the club, I would guarantee that we would be title contenders. I would even work for free, something that none of the current board members would ever do.

So in a nutshell, Wenger needs to sign some players in the next few days. At least five. Chances are becoming slimmer that we are actually going to get a world class player, which is very disappointing in my opinion. It is perhaps to late for the club to change it’s ways this Summer, and I am afraid that we will be punished for it. Liverpool and Tottenham are now stronger in my opinion, and until we sign some marquee players, that will be the case for years to come.

Arsenal’s £40m Bid for Suarez Rejected

Liverpool have rejected Arsenal’s £40m bid for Luis Suarez, insisting that he is worth around the same amount PSG paid to get the services of Cavani, which is around £55m. The bid was an unusual £40,000,001, as it was made to try and activate the clause in Suarez’s contract which states that the club must consider the bid. Liverpoo have still rejected it, though. Arsenal are the only team that have made any official offer for Suarez so far, with the only other team that is interested in acquiring his services is Real Madrid. Real Madrid are believed to have made Gareth Bale their number one priority this Summer.

It is quite a shock to see Arsenal bidding so much for a player. Arsenal’s most expensive transfer was £15m, which is really quite incredible if you think about the talent that we have had and how much we had sold them for. Plus, we have finished above Chelsea, Liverpool, and Tottenham (all of which are clubs that spend lots of money) in the past few years. The fact that Arsenal have made such a big bid makes you wonder why we didn’t go for Cavani, Falcao, or Neymar. Neymar was sold to Barcelona for only £42m, so money wouldn’t have been an issue with signing him. Anyways, if Arsenal do fail to sign Suarez, he is probably our only transfer target so it will be another season of frustration for us Arsenal fans.